Mirror, Mirror: Living with Borderline

By Cevin Faudoas

Who’s the least aware of them all?

It’s hard to have peace because everyone is talking over one another 

We’re all living in our own little universes even talking over ourselves. 

Then, we yell. Our opinions based on our experience over everyone else’s.

Is that not what this is? 

The rich have found a way to build a system, to keep us all in order.. 

they get to do whatever they want, they don’t worry about where they will sleep one night, where their kids will get food, or if they can afford that medical bill.

We are the puppets. 

They feed individuals information and they suck it all up. Like pleasure inside a fucking crack needle. 

The media, big companies, corporations, allll of them! 

Parents, Guardians, they’re all so close, so blind. They’re so trusting of words.

The rich vs. the non rich (everyone middle class – poor) 

We collectively all need to change our minds, as human beings. Individually we need to work on ourselves. For the greater good of the future society.

Why are they afraid to look in? To face their truths. So they continue to puppet on, to play the game, they follow the rules, they are stuck in the everyday cycle of modern society and life. They play the roles of business partners, co-worker, socialites, officers, etc.. it’s the people who come into my coffee shop every morning, and make meaningless conversation while I pour milk over their shitty $7 a cup espressos, they are afraid. 

Maybe all philosophers just had anxiety. And that’s why they overthought so much.

What I tell myself to keep my mind from suffocating in this dusty experience we call living: 

Bring awareness to moments in your life where you’re choosing to argue with or create a problem with reality. 

Every moment is a string till you get to death so each moment you can get better. 

If you’re angry it’s because of what you’re believing that’s making you angry. You have the power to change that feeling in you. Just change your mind.

Your energy gets embedded into your communication 

Acknowledge your battles. 

Be transparent, it creates connections.

Say what you struggle with, everybody has battles 

You’re always creating a result before you ever experience something, so create a positive one. 

All I know is that I know nothing.

Or maybe I should die, and get out while I can. 

The mirror says back to me, it’s you.

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