Hair Discrimination Class Reflection

After having an open and honest discussion with the class about their feelings on hair discrimination I was able to understand this topic from a different point of view. I can say everyone agreed on the consensus of hair discrimination being wrong and possibly racially motivated. There is no particular reason for a person of color to be discriminated against because of their hair other than there being some type of hate that motivated the situation. A few points that some people made such as wearing certain looks like a protective style or how some hairstyles are used to honor religion therefore it can’t always just be removed. For a professional at work, or a student at school to be removed because of the texture of their hair is beyond ridiculous as it isn’t harming anyone. This type of situation can be embarrassing and emotionally damaging for some people to just flat out be told their hair is an issue, which is why the Crown Act was put in place to protect people of color. While doing my research it didn’t come as a shock to me that Black women were the most likely to experience hair discrimination, it made me reflect on some issues I’ve experienced with my hair being a problem at school. Although this may not seem like a big deal to some it is a real issue that affects people every day. It can be damaging to many to be removed from school or work because an administrator or boss has told you something is wrong with your look when you’re just trying to do your job. I chose this topic because it was something I wasn’t aware of until doing work for another class, once I found out this was an issue around the U.S I wanted to know more about it and I learned it’s deeper than just discrimination. This issue ties into cultural appropriation on social media, fashion, and in real life, while people of color are getting fired for having the looks they’re appropriating.

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