American Healthcare: Reflection

Discussion of the American Healthcare system went well. We agreed that the system was completely broken, and benefits the people in power more than the common person. We discussed our own experiences with the system, notably the unfair pricing of ambulances. It is particularly bothersome that Pace threatens ambulances to financially ruin intoxicated students, and takes advantage of this. We talked about possible solutions, as well, comparing the United States system to other countries with socialized policies. A two system solution, with healthcare at least guaranteed to every citizen. It was agreed that this was probably the most feasible solution within a capitalist framework. The topic of socialized medicine also came up, but was more of a background to the main issue at hand. I really enjoyed listening to everyone’s take on it, and I think the discussion was productive and engaging. The stories were engaging, and learning everyone’s experience is always a pleasure. After learning that many of us did not plan to stay in the United States, the discussion ended on a hopeful note, one focused on advocating for change in the system.

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