Robots, their effect on humans and their rights

     In this deliberation, we discussed the issues surrounding AI ethics that usually concern people the most—job displacement, AI singularity, humanity, and AI errors. More and more jobs are being replaced by robots, more so in automation, healthcare, and customer care. It’s interesting to weigh the benefits of having fully AI-controlled cars and the job loss and distrust that comes with a displacement like that. There is a large distrust for giving robots the keys to our cars, as the majority of people have not experienced this first-hand yet and have heard of a couple fatalities from those robots—that strangely outweigh the 33,244 yearly fatal car accidents by humans in the US.

     Possibly one of the most heavily debated issues within AI ethics, AI singularity is one of the first topics that came up after the discussion of job displacement as we, as humans, are naturally afraid to lose the dominance we have accumulated throughout our existence. The discussion is usually geared towards keeping our control, regardless of the potential sentience that AI might eventually gain.

     Our humanity towards robots affects human interaction, regardless of the presence of their sentience. Research has shown that our maltreatment of robots affects the way we treat other humans and decrease our ability to be empathetic. The concluding part of the discussion was pointing out the urgency of resolving the maltreatment of humans before we even get to addressing the maltreatment of robots. However, it is important to consider revolutionary changes such as AI dominance during when and decades before it happens, as it has the potential to negatively impact human interaction if we don’t place regulations and ethics codes on ever-evolving AI.


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