The Different Narratives of Online Dating and Dating Apps: Post Deliberation

Hearing everyone’s thoughts, opinions and experiences with online dating and dating apps was very interesting to hear and discuss as a group. I feel like the general consensus was the same all around such that it is scary and the media saturates our minds a bit about online dating but either people use them and like them, or don’t think we should get rid of the idea of it.

The first question I posed to the group was, “Are there more disadvantages to dating apps than advantages or vice versa?” Most people had disadvantages to share whether they use dating apps personally or know stories through their friends. The majority was mutual about this as it is different for everyone and everyone uses dating apps differently or even not at all. Those that don’t use dating apps, don’t have anything against them or think there are more disadvantages, just a personal preference. There are lots of issues such as the basis of judging people on their looks and the possibility of talking to someone who is a catfish, yet the advantages of meeting people you would never meet online, and the chances of the dates going well, outweigh the negatives.

The second question I posed was, “Does the media saturate our minds of how to view online dating/is it just as scary as the media makes it out to be? (Movies like The Tinder Swindler, shows like To Catch a Predator or Catfish).” A lot of people agreed that even if we didn’t have dating apps, people would find ways to meet people online since the internet is easily accessible and we rely heavily on social media currently.

The third question I posed was, “In what ways has online dating changed/shifted during the pandemic? Where does it stand now? Does it look different now than it did before the pandemic?” Due to the pandemic we have been able to especially rely on our online connections and even were able to take the time to expand/explore them. Everyone agrees that it did not change too much other than the fact that people were even more excited and ready to get back into the dating scene, and the best way was through people they met online.

The final question I posed was, “Is it worth it for our society to allow this to become the norm of dating and finding a partner? Are the dangers something that we should consider when deciding to need dating apps or if we should get rid of them?” No one truly had negative thoughts about this becoming the norm of dating considering it already has become the norm within our society. This question sort of wrapped up the discussion about this topic.

Overall, there isn’t much to be changed about the online dating world and dating apps other than the fact that there are concerns and the issues posed on the media about online predators is real and true, but that doesn’t stop us from pouring out our lives on the internet in social media. As long as social media is alive.

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