The reason anonymity exists is because it allows for raw and unfiltered discourse. For example, marginalized groups are allowed to advocate without the immediate threat of persecution. To be able to conversate without being associated with that speech is an intense concept that is universally valued. Before the internet people were able to anonymously write or publish works which suggests that it is ingrained in human nature to seek a less intimidating narrative to express interests. It serves to protect against oppressive or exploitative forces against the expressed values. It may allow for social reform as ideas can be freely expressed without direct communication. The psychological cues that are unavoidable when outwardly expressing certain ideas in different contexts. There is no preemptive judgment as the message is fueled by cognitive dissonance. A nuance to online anonymity is that users are able to post and never come back. The boundaries between personal involvement and being excused from the consequences of anonymous speech is blurred. 



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