Who’s Who (COS280. in-Person, Mondays)

COS 280 Intro to Journalism Student Reporters (Fall 2021, Mondays, in-person)

Zoë Hocker is a 20 year old college student living in the Financial District of Manhattan. Originally from Austin, Texas, she made the big move up to New York three years ago where she now attends Pace University as a Junior communication studies major and graphic design minor. Zoë has always had a passion for journalism and wrote for her high school’s newspaper throughout her teenage years. She enjoyed it so much she became a design editor and then went on to be the editor in chief of the publication her senior year. This love continues at Pace where she has found a passion for graphic design and continues to grow her skills. In her free time, she enjoys drawing, drinking coffee, and spending time with her friends.



Mollie Owens was born in Hershey, PA just two days after New Year’s, on January 3rd, 1999. Growing up in a small town, Mollie has always been adamant about pursuing her dreams of working and living in a big city. She currently lives in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn with her best friend, Lola, whom she met her first year at Pace. Initially intrigued by the fashion industry, Mollie landed her first marketing internship at Of Mercer, a clothing company that specializes in women’s workwear. Here, she gained writing experience contributing numerous articles to the company blog, as well as gaining a first-hand look at the interworking’s of a fashion company. Mollie also earned a spot as a journalism intern at The Untitled Magazine, where she was able to publish articles to an established digital publication, on topics she was especially passionate about, such as social & LGBTQ+ issues. In her free time, Mollie enjoys reading the next great thriller novel, trying new restaurants around the city, and hanging out with friends on her rooftop in Brooklyn.

Gabriella Scerbo was born in Red Bank, New Jersey on July 12th, 2000. She and her family moved around a lot growing up, but always stayed in the area of Monmouth County, New Jersey. Ever since she was a young girl, she loved dance. Dance was a weekly activity that her mom would bring her too, and as the years went by she started to take it more seriously. She expanded her dance curriculum to tap, jazz, modern and ballet. At the age of 12, Gabriella really fell in love with the arts. The unspoken language of emotion, excitement and physical movement. After dance, she began to do musical theater, which included several theater productions, acting, and vocal classes. The thrill of each different production, experience and project was something that Gabriella knew she needed her life to be filled with. At 18, she began modeling full time, and to this day models for brands, photoshoots, and books different gigs around the New Jersey, New York City, and Philadelphia area. She will be graduating from Pace University this upcoming Fall, with a Communications major and an arts
and Entertainment management minor, and hopes to continue to work in the arts field upon

Marisa Medici is a junior at Pace majoring in political science and communication studies and minoring in marketing. She was born and raised in Utica, New York, where she explored her academic and professional interests by participating in Model United Nations. This involvement presented her with the opportunity to present her research at conferences, achieve 10 consecutive awards, hold the highest position of “Secretary-General” at her hometown conference UMVMUN and put her lifelong love for people and civic engagement into action as a co-founder of a GenUN chapter. She thrives in experiential learning environments, and on-campus she holds leadership positions as the Vote Everywhere Ambassador with the CCAR where she had lobbied for Election Day to be recognized as an asynchronous class day effective in 2023; a co-chair for Social Justice Week; and as a newly accepted Fellowship Member with the prestigious United Nations Academic Impact initiative. As an aspiring political consultant, Marisa plans on attending graduate school to study strategic communication with an application and focus on elections. She developed a passion for communication studies when she had interned on a top 5 Congressional Campaign in her hometown for a year where she had assisted in fostering the campaign-constituent relationship-building process on the field and through a self-started social media campaign. In her free time, she enjoys going on adventures, cooking, and volunteering.

Samuel Landau was born on August 11, 1995 in New York City. He lives on the Upper West Side neighborhood of Manhattan in the same place his whole life and has made many different friends. Right now he is studying Communications at Pace University and is taking his time with classes. Some of Sam’s writing experience is through homework assignments and writing in a journal during the summer when he was younger. As he has taken writing classes his whole life, his writing skills have improved greatly throughout school. Sam’s interstress are movies, books, and TV shows. In the past 2 years he has been collecting Funko Pops and has a decent amount to the collection. He is also a huge Harry Potter fan. His favorite thing to do when he is at home and not working on his homework, he likes to play on his computer and watch different videos.

Mya Marshall is a sophomore at Pace University, pursuing a major in Communication Studies as well as a minor in Arts and Entertainment Management. Before moving to New York City for school, Mya grew up and lived in Southern California, allowing her to develop a large sense of adventure and connection to nature and the outdoors. Mya spends a lot of her time reading, writing music, and looking for new adventures. She is very passionate and involved in her education and schoolwork, always looking for new challenges and courses that most spark her interest. Although choosing to go to college in NYC, she used to spend a majority of her time in the ocean and is always anxious to visit home. She is hoping to study abroad next year, likely in France, and spend the rest of her college summers exploring new places.

Born March 14, 2001, Nataly Aviles (20) is a Mexican-American woman from San Diego, California. Only a short car ride away from the hub of entertainment that is Los Angeles, California, Aviles grew up with extreme interests in the world of arts and entertainment. Aviles enjoys
painting and drawing, fashion and design, and the world of media. Throughout her busy schedule, she finds it extremely important to stay up-to-date with mainstream trends and pop culture. Currently, she is a junior studying communication studies in Lower East Manhattan at the
Pace University Dyson College of Arts and Sciences. Expected to graduate in 2023, Aviles hopes to find a career in Public Relations. In her free time, Aviles is typically exploring the city with friends or at her apartment with her boyfriend, in Astoria, NY. She can also be found most days of the week at work, honing her newly-acquired barista skills. Most importantly, she is a pisces

Kelly Burke is a 21-year-old senior at Pace University with a major in Communication Studies and a minor in Graphic Design. He is originally from Houston, Texas, but has been living in New York City for nearly four years. Kelly has been into the creative arts since he was little, and has started to really focus on that in his education with hopes of continuing it as he makes his way into a life-long career. He currently works in a restaurant in the West Village to make ends meet, but in his free time he enjoys bike rides, drawing, finding new music, designing posters, and styling clothes. Recently, he has been big into ambient music, as he found it helps him clear his mind and focus better. He lives in East Williamsburg with two roommates that all push each other to explore their boundaries and try new things, whether it be experiences or in their own artistic journeys. Kelly has many projects in design, art, and fashion that he looks forward to putting into motion and is excited to take advantage of the opportunities presented to him to achieve his goals.

Kathleen Caraway is a 20-year old college student who has been living life in the Financial District since she moved for school from Birmingham, Alabama. She focuses on English and film as she is currently pursuing degrees in those fields. In her earliest childhood memories, Caraway remembers being surrounded by two things—music and books. Naturally, both things became a passion for her. She began writing creatively at a young age as well as playing musical instruments. Eventually after muttering words to a melody she played one day, she realized she could put words to her music. A whole new passion was born out of her two favorite things. Caraway began to sit up straighter in English classes and write pages of unnecessary material for her teachers to read and edit. She wrote creative essays on literature she read and reviews on music she heard. Her journal was filled with poetry and hooks for songwriting. This drove Caraway throughout her schooling and eventually to picking a path in college. Sophomore year of college she began seriously entering writing contests, winning an Honorable Mention for her poetry in her first entry. When she’s not writing or playing music, Caraway spends her time traveling, watching movies, hunting down live music, spending as much time exploring with family and friends.

Abby Garrett, born March 29, 2001, is a junior at PaceUniversity double majoring in Film and Screen Studies and Communication Studies with a minor in Women and Gender Studies. She is originally from Swedesboro, New Jersey, but now has an apartment in Manhattan with her best friend from high school. Abby is very interested in pop culture and specifically the music world. Music has been an important part of her life since the beginning. She began dancing at the age of two, performing everything from ballet to hip hop, jazz, and tap; she began playing the flute at the age of ten, eventually joining the marching band in high school. As he has gotten older, her interest has shifted from performing to being behind the scenes. She absolutely loves going to concerts and dreams of being a tour manager one day, but any career in the music or entertainment industry will suffice. Her favorite artists are Greta Van Fleet, Fall Out Boy, and Harry Styles.

Hilina Gebrehawariat is a 21-year-old living in Crown Heights, Brooklyn with her friends. Born to Ethiopian parents, Hilina grew up in Ethiopia for the majority of her childhood until her family moved to Baltimore Maryland in 2008. She has grown up with both cultures that have shaped her view of the world. She is in her final year at Pace University studying Communication studies with a minor in Critical Race and Ethnicity Studies and Peace and Justice studies. Hilina
currently is working at her local gym. Hilina loves to travel. Whether it is a different neighborhood in NYC, a different state, or a different country, she loves to explore new places. In the free time she has, she loves to go to the park. Although Hilina loves the city environment, nature has always had a special place in her heart. On a warm sunny day, you will find her at
Prospect park with her blanket and her book.


Jonathan Gerweck is a 20 year old Junior studying Communication Studies and Language/Culture/World Trade at Pace. Originally from the Philadelphia area, Jonathan has always loved internationalism and learning about different places and cultures. While in high school, Jonathan became fluent in the German language and from that point on, he has embraced modern languages in his studies at Pace in the Spanish, Italian and Communications department. Throughout the past two years, Jonathan has used his studies and experiences to intern for organizations pertaining to low-income immigrant populations in New York City and Austin, Texas, eventually having been awarded a Watson Fellowship in 2021 for his efforts. When he is not focusing on his career or school, Jonathan enjoys spending time in his neighborhood of Astoria, Queens where you can normally find him eating at a local Colombian or Brazilian restaurant, playing with his black cat Rio, or working at his part-time job as a pharmacy technician at CVS Pharmacy

Jordan B. Goins is a 21-year-old aspiring PR professional, residing in New Jersey with his family. Goins currently attends Pace University in New York City and is in his last year working towards his bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies. Jordan is an only child and he is also biracial, being half Filipino and half African American. Growing up, he developed a love for writing in middle school. Moving forward, Jordan used writing as an outlet and means for connecting with others in creative ways, ultimately guiding him to choosing to pursue a career in Public Relations. He enjoys music and entertainment, especially Broadway. It is normal to find him listening to a Broadway cast recording or any Ariana Grande album in his spare time. He also enjoys spending time with family and friends. Jordan’s biggest dream is to have his love for entertainment and a career in PR intersect one day, ultimately wanting to see himself in Entertainment PR. He is constantly striving to better himself, and truly learn and grow from each life experience, as tomorrow is never promised.

Lauren Herrick was born on May 26th, 2000. She was raised in Merrimack, New Hampshire. She now lives in the Upper West Side with two roommates. Lauren currently attends Pace University as a junior where she majors in communications and minors in film and screen
studies. She currently works at Starbucks, but she has always loved film and TV and her dream is to be a writer for a TV show. She doesn’t have much experience with journalism but would love to gain more experience. She enjoys reading news articles in her free time and also
loves watching documentaries. She has considered documentary filmmaking as a career choice, as well. In her free time, she loves going to museums and exploring the city. Lauren loves history. She would like to visit every museum in the city. So far, her favorite is the Met. She
also loves cats. She hopes to one day make enough money to start a cat rescue center so she can love and care for them and find homes where they will continue to be loved and cared for.

Lauren Luspo is a 21 year old native Californian who moved to New York City in 2018 to pursue her career in the arts. Currently a senior at Pace, she looks forward to walking at Radio City Music Hall this coming May of 2022. She is well-rounded, double majoring in Communication Studies and Art, hoping to teach art to young students in the future. Having such a great passion for art, Lauren is currently working at Blick Art Materials in Union Square and has also been commissioned by the famous skin care brand, Kiehl’s, to paint a mural for their headquarters. Aside from the visual arts, Lauren’s passions include dance, specifically ballet, playing piano, cooking, photography, and writing. One of her favorite foods to make is the famous Filipino dish called Chicken Adobo, along with many other cultural meals. Additionally, she enjoys making pasta from scratch with her friends and hosting dinner parties. Lauren is booked and busy, but the hustle is what truly keeps her going.

Juliette (Jule) Merrigan was born August 11th, 2001 in Morristown, New Jersey. She was raised in Basking Ridge, New Jersey but currently resides in Little Italy of New York City with her two best friends. Jule is a junior at Pace University currently pursuing a major in Communications Studies with a double minor in Peace and Justice Studies and Fashion Marketing. Jule currently interns at a beauty salon in West Chelsea for two days of the week and manages a team of part-time interns for the other three. Even though she is very busy with work, Jule enjoys spending time with her friends and going out to cool places around the city on the weekends. She also enjoys working with her sorority to host fundraisers and giving back to communities. In the future, Jule hopes to work in marketing or public relations. She is also interested in a career in fashion.

Isabella Ramos is a junior at Pace University who is majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in Arts & Entertainment Management and Women & Gender Studies. Isabella is originally from Westchester, NY, but now resides in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Though she’s new to the area, she loves walking along the East River, and hopes to discover some more fun activities to do around her new neighborhood. At home, Isabella is the oldest of 4 siblings. Isabella also has a cat named Valentine back home, who she wishes could have come to Manhattan with her. Some of her favorite things to do include going to concerts, taking dance classes, and reading. Isabella hopes to do work in the music industry after college, whether that be live touring, social media marketing for musicians, or maybe even music journalism! Though Isabella is a full-time student, she hopes to find an internship or part-time music industry job in the near future. Her favorite artists right now are MUNA, Jeremy Zucker, and Frank Ocean.

Jeremiah Williams (JW) is a university student born in New Orleans, LA, raised in Houston, TX, and studying in New York City. He is a junior Political Science & Communications double major with a minor in Journalism. JW is highly engaged student leader on campus having served positions such as an Orientation Leader (summer 2021), Resident Assistant (2021-2022), and President of the official debate team at his University. Before attending University he competed nationally in speech and debate and was ranked #2 in the state of Texas (2019) and #25 in the United States (2019) for congressional debate. As a natural public speaker, JW also hosts a podcast called ‘On The Ticket’ and has interviewed guests including Emmy award winning actor Richard Schiff and the President of his university. Outside of academic life you are likely to find JW catching up on the latest Marvel entertainment, cooking or trying new foods, and traveling to new destinations. He is enthralled by music and especially in tune with soul.

Britni Dunn is currently in her last year of college at Pace University, working towards a
Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature with a concentration in Literature,
Culture, and Media. She is also working towards a minor in Journalism, which is the
career path she hopes to pursue. After moving from Oklahoma to NYC, Dunn discovered
her love for Journalism by joining her university’s paper, The Pace Press. Dunn has worked on The Pace Press her whole college career; as an arts writer, the Arts Editor, Executive Editor, and now the Editor-in-Chief. She hopes to pursue a career in arts and culture journalism, with an emphasis on music.
Dunn also has a passion for serving others and hopes to bring advocacy to the forefront  of her life. She works as a peer educator at her school’s LGBTQA+ Center and often presents information and trainings on various LGBTQ+ identities and best practices. Dunn also loves to embroider, garden, and journal– anything that allows her to center herself.

Carolyn Brody is a senior at Pace University, double majoring in peace & justice studies and political science. She currently lives in Brooklyn with her two friends, and is originally from Ocean Township, New Jersey. She’ll be turning 22 soon on October 5th, meaning she’s a libra! For the past few months she has been interning for a nonprofit that provides affordable housing and homeless shelters in Westchester, and is very passionate about her work. She will also be writing her senior thesis on issues related to housing justice, so she hopes to learn as much as she can about that field over the next year. Outside of school, she enjoys being in her backyard and exploring new parts of Brooklyn. Now that concert venues are open, she is looking forward to seeing as many shows as she can. She is also a lover of houseplants and her family dog, a chocolate lab named Delmas.