Who’s Who (COS280. 1:20-4:00)

COS 280 Intro to Journalism Student Reporters (Spring 2021)

Bren Blower is an avid adventure seeker. She is currently a junior at Pace University in New York City studying communications. Unable to stay in one place for a long period of time, Bren appreciates the diversity and endless opportunities that New York has to offer. Before attending college, Bren was a competitive halfpipe snowboarder in Colorado and traveled around the US in pursuit of becoming a professional. Although she suffered a career ending injury, Bren looks back and appreciates the memories, people and life lessons she learned along the way. Today, she hopes to become a residential real estate broker in the New York City area after she graduates. Although her family still lives in California, she plans to stay local to Pace University for many years to come. Her favorite things to do in the city are attend professional sporting events (especially the Yankees), find new restaurants with friends, walk through central park, and enjoy comedy clubs. Bren looks forward to watching and helping New York City recover from the pandemic!

Miranda Buckley is currently a senior at Pace University pursing a double major in English and Women’s and Gender Studies with a minor in Journalism. Born in Buffalo, NY, Miranda’s family took regular trips to New York City throughout her childhood which sparked her desire to attend college in the city. Miranda has been writing creatively since her first novel at the age of 10 that she swore would become a bestseller. Spoiler, it did not. Even with that failure, she knew she wanted to pursue writing professionally. Currently, Miranda is a content writer for the Creator’s Network as well as a business owner on Etsy.com. Post graduation, Miranda aims to stay living and working in New York City, even if it requires a temporary retail job which she is no stranger to. Miranda has regretfully worked at Office Depot, Marshalls, and Vince, and less regretfully at Glossier and Urban Outfitters. She is no stranger to hard work! In a pre-COVID world, the most likely place to find Miranda would be at a concert, considering she has been to roughly 185 in her 21 years of life (and, yes, she does have a comprehensive list of every single one). Besides writing, her passions include music, animals, spending time with friends and family, reality television, and dancing alone in her apartment.

Maddie Cole is from northern Virginia, however she currently lives in the financial district in lower Manhattan while working towards a degree in communication studies at Pace University. Maddie loves all things pop culture and has a passion for the entertainment industry. She loves the way it connects and elevates people from all over the world. Maddie currently works counter at the Bareburger restaurant in her neighborhood, but her professional aspirations include a career within the entertainment industry, specifically broadcast journalism. Maddie has a TikTok account where she interviews the people of New York on various topics and creates short entertainment segments. When she isn’t making milkshakes at Bareburger or interviewing people on the subway, she loves to do all things fitness, such as going on a run outside or doing yoga. She feels very strongly about mental health and tries to normalize/advocate for it as well as help others who are struggling. One thing that is quite interesting about Maddie is that she is a huge fan of pop icon, Gwen Stefani. She has met her 6 times and seen her in concert many times. She loves everything about New York and is excited to see what the future has in store for her.

Emily Palmer was born in South Philadelphia in January of 1999. However, her family moved from there to South Jersey when she was about 3 years old and once her younger brother was born. She attended a local but combined elementary and middle school proceeded to attend high school in the next town over. Eventually she chose to enroll at Pace University and continue her academic career by majoring in Communication Studies with a minor Film & Screen Studies. She lived in on-campus buildings for the first few years and now she currently resides in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Emily interned for a TV production company from home and also worked as a busser for a restaurant called Chef Vola’s in Atlantic City, NJ. In her free time, she enjoys playing video games, rewatching episodes of Broad City, and spending as much time with her dog as possible.

Olivia Pipia is a 20 year old college student who attends Pace University, but currently living at her childhood home on Long Island with her two parents, sister, and grandmother. Olivia is currently in her second semester of her junior year at Pace working to a degree in Communication studies with a minor in Journalism and Digital Storytelling. Olivia is a busy student and when she is not at school and doing schoolwork, she is working at her family’s pizzeria that is also on Long Island as a Hostess. In her down time Olivia enjoys cooking, listening to music, working out, watching baseball and hockey, and hanging out with family and friends. Her favorite sports teams are the New York Mets and New York Islanders, so you will always catch her at a game or on the couch watching the game on TV. Olivia is always living her life to the fullest and she plans to keep it that way for the rest of her life!

Carly Scarborough is a 21-year-old college student originally from Tampa, Florida, now living in downtown Manhattan. Carly has a passion for media and entertainment.  She previously worked as an intern for Jigsaw Productions on a docuseries for Epix called Laurel Canyon. She currently works at Framework Digital Media, a digital talent management firm, as an assistant. She is also an avid traveler, having been to over 11 countries and four continents. In the spring of 2020, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Carly was traveling on a cruise ship with a program called Semester at Sea in Asia. The program was supposed to last four months and end in Amsterdam but unfortunately had to end abruptly in Capetown, South Africa, two months before the original disembarkation date after countless reroutes throughout her journey circumnavigating the globe. Still, she hopes to one day continue her travels and document her experiences along the way

Kelly Filipczuk is an 18 year old freshman at Pace University’s Pforzheimer Honors College in New York City. She was raised by two Polish immigrants who instilled their native country’s spirit of dedication and perseverance within her. Originating from Burlington, Connecticut, a relatively loosely populated town, Kelly developed a love for nature. She spends her weekends volunteering with horses used in therapy sessions for both children and adults, where she finds there to be an endless amount of hope and excitement for the future. From a young age, Kelly has enjoyed journaling; she has nearly five journals in her collection completely filled out with pieces of creative writing and personal reflections. Upon starting college, Kelly began developing an interest in pop culture and occupations involved behind the stories she read about on social platforms, leading her to major in communication studies with a focus on media. She has long enjoyed helping those around her and finds the study of human behavior and the mind intriguing. She plans on adding a double major in psychology to pursue this area of interest. Kelly likes baking, reading, and listening to relaxing instrumental music.

Marina Hansen is a senior at Pace University majoring in communications and minoring in art. She is from Dallas, Texas and has lived in New York City for almost four years. Marina has written for small music-based journalism websites throughout her college career, focusing on album reviews and interviews with artists in the independent music industry. She also has experience in Public Relations, asshe has interned at a PR firm called B/HI. Currently, she works as a manager for a small print business atArtists & Fleas. Aside from her writing experience, Marina is an artist with a focus in cartoon andillustration. In her free time, Marina likes watching movies, playing video games, and roller skating. Afterthe pandemic, she looks forward to spending her free time at museums and movie theaters.

Latrece Hopkins is a 22-year-old dancer and creative who enjoys art and entertainment. She is a junior at Pace University and is double majoring in communications studies and film and screen studies. Living in Manhattan has provided Latrece with opportunities to dance, be a full-time student, and develop side projects. Other than dance, writing has been an effective form of how she expresses herself. She found her love for writing fashion articles in her hometown Delaware at her high school. Latrece loves writing short stories, articles, and television scripts. Currently, Latrece writes articles and edits for her public magazine called The Cannabis Take. One of her favorite television shows is ​Euphoria​. One day, she hopes to become a successful showrunner, producer. In her past time, Latrece likes to read Webtoon comics and novels like ​Sisterfire​ by Charlotte Watson Sherman. Binge-watching Korean Dramas is also a fun way she likes to relax

Grace Potter is currently a junior Communications Studies major at Pace University, and she is minoring in Photography and Fashion Marketing. While she is currently living at home, she hopes to move to the Lower East Side very soon! Grace loves to write, and she is the Features Editor for The Pace Press, Pace’s school newspaper. In January, Grace began a writing internship at No Kill Magazine, a sustainable fashion, beauty, and lifestyle magazine based in Brooklyn. She would love to write, edit, or photograph for a fashion magazine or blog in the future. When she was in high school, Grace was a part of her drama club, and performed in seven shows. She joined Pace’s A Capella group her freshman year as a way to keep singing after high school! For fun, Grace likes to do photography projects, paint, read, and listen to music. She is also learning how to sew on her new machine while quarantining at home. Grace can always be found cooking, drinking coffee, petting a cat, and listening to Harry Styles.

Julia Price is a 21-year-old college student from Madrid, Spain, currently living in the Financial District in Downtown New York City. Julia moved to New York in 2014 right before her sophomore year of High School and grew up playing tennis, running track, and swimming competitively. She is a senior at Pace University working towards a degree in communication studies, however Julia is aiming towards a degree in social work and hopes to be able to work with children with disabilities in public school systems in the future. When not in school, she enjoys learning about health and fitness and loves to work out, eat, and cook for friends and family. She enjoys it so much so that she also works at Orangetheory, a group fitness studio, on the side. Some of Julia’s all-time favorite things to eat include sushi, a lox bagel, and Spanish tortilla. She also loves watching film and TV. Some of her favorite movies and shows include Knives Out, The Peanut Butter Falcon, The Peaky Blinders, and New Girl.

Mona Lilly Raggad was born on May 11, 1999 in Middletown, New York. She is currently a senior at Pace University majoring in communication studies. As a bicultural person who identifies and endorses both Tunisian and American cultures and values, Mona thoroughly enjoys discussing international politics and media. However, her true passion ever since she was a child is music- the universal language of mankind. In her free time, she loves playing her piano alongside singing songs, especially in different languages. She plans on attending graduate school after she completes her undergraduate studies, but is still deciding on what major. A fun fact about Mona is that she lived through history firsthand in 2011 when she witnessed the start of the Arab spring- the Tunisian revolution of 2011. This experience is what initially piqued her interest in international relations and writing about topics of state and democracy. In the near future, Mona hopes to make a difference across several communities through her work no matter what career path she decides to take.

Brianna John is a 21 year old, senior communications studies major at Pace University’s NYC campus. She has been credited with finalizing in a national student’s poetry contest and volunteering for a social activist group known as ARTE (Art and Resistance through Education), which helped to spread awareness about the social injustices in certain communities through an artistic lens. In 2019, she also interviewed some notable writers, including Tashara Jones of Page 6 in the New York Post. She is from a rural region in northeast Pennsylvania and had grown up there her entire life until moving to New York City in 2017 to pursue her career as a writer. Some of her personal hobbies include: dancing, listening to music, spending time with family and friends, and visiting the beach. She has dreams of one day, pursuing a career in the media or perhaps writing for a magazine or newspaper. She hopes to spread her feelings and beliefs through writing and help to leave a lasting impact on people, the same way so many writers had done for her to help shape her path.

Daniel (Danny) Drennan is a junior at Pace. Prior to the pandemic, he attended the New York City campus, but Danny now studies remotely from his apartment in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. Danny grew up in Pennsylvania, on the border of Delaware. He loves going on walks on the many trails in his hometown, oftentimes accompanied by his dog. Danny is a Communications major with a double minor in Arts and Entertainment Management and Journalism. His goal is to work as a producer in reality television in hopes to help fix the many messed up aspects of the industry. Prior to college, Danny spent his time acting in various theaters as well as hosting events for his High School. Through these opportunities he has gained knowledge and experience in telling stories and is one of the reasons Danny found an interest in Journalism. Danny spends as much time as he can with his dog, Scooter, who he loves more than anything. He also enjoys analyzing pop culture and discussing what’s going on in the world with his friends. He is also gluten free, which he hates, and he encourages anyone who can eat bread, to eat an extra piece for him.

Jared Pereida is a San Antonio, Texas native, currently living in Brooklyn, NY. He moved to New York City to pursue his passion of acting and earn a BBA in Arts and Entertainment Management from Pace University, graduating in May 2021. Jared works in the film and television industry as a background actor and is seen as one of Harriet’s (Octavia Spencer) students in Luce on Hulu. Luce was his first paid acting job in New York, earning him his first SAG-AFTRA Waiver. Though some may see it as just being an “extra,” Jared sees his many background experiences as insightful and a steppingstone for where he aspires to be in his career. Some projects he’s been able to work on have starred Natalie Portman, Matt Bomer, and Al Pacino. After graduating, Jared intends to pursue a job within the entertainment field, and eventually fully transition to a career in acting. In his free time, Jared enjoys Broadway musicals, walks in Central Park, exercising, and eating his breakfast tacos. He also holds strong to his faith and is as uplifting and encouraging as possible when around others.

Paul Kelly is a 21-year old college student living in New York City’s Financial District. He is currently attending Pace University’s Lubin School of Business and is originally from Hull, Massachusetts, a small coastal town 40 minutes south of Boston. He enjoys secondhand shopping and frequently visits thrift stores, flea markets, yard sales, and estate sales. He has turned that into a business reselling people’s overlooked and forgotten-about items. Clothes and accessories are the primary focus when sourcing, but he also likes finding signs and other old and eclectic decor items. Before Covid-19 he enjoyed frequenting concerts and is glad to have seen Kikagaku Moyo. However he is bummed about missing the Ween show. Now he enjoys Citi biking with friends and finding small restaurants to eat at and support.  Paul looks forward to continuing his education and passion in thrifting during this pandemic. He remains optimistic that one day things will regain a sense of normalcy.

Maya Werner is a 21-year old college student originally from Oxford, Mississippi, although she currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. She is a senior at Pace University, and is double-majoring in Film
& Screen Studies and Communication Studies. She has worked five internships in the past 4 years, and has also worked several on-campus jobs. Her job experience ranges from working as an usher to working as a video editor to interning at Saturday Night Live. Currently she is focusing on finishing her last semester of college and staying inside her apartment as often as possible. She spends her days going to Zoom classes, playing video games, hanging out with her roommate, and binging Netflix series. Her favorite food is mac and cheese, her favorite movie is Friday the 13th, and her favorite celebrity is Tina Fey.

Kamryn Morales is an 18-year old student from Austin, Texas, currently studying communications and journalism at Pace University in New York City. Growing up in Austin, Morales was constantly surrounded by music in a culture that embraced it. She picked up a guitar for the first time at the age of 10 when her older brother taught her how to play Hotel California by the Eagles. Morales’ love for writing was initially discovered in music as she began writing songs of her own (with the help of her musical family). Her passion for songwriting eventually broadened to writing of all types, particularly journalistic writing, as she joined her high school’s yearbook team. Morales hopes to explore her affinity for journalistic writing further while maintaining a focus on music, for she aspires to combine the two interests in her future career. Aside from writing, she enjoys spending time in the great outdoors, live music, attempting to bake, exploring new places with friends, and going on scenic hikes with her bordie collie, Laycie.