Who’s Who (Fall ’22 Tuesdays)

Margaret Kelly (Marg) is a 20-year-old student from Mount Airy, Maryland now living in the Financial District of New York City. She is a junior at Pace University, majoring in Criminal Justice and double minoring in Homeland Security and Journalism & Digital Storytelling. Marg is always busy as she works as a Student Assistant in the office of the Honors College and as the Marketing and Outreach Editor for the Honors Herald Blog here at Pace. Starting at 3 years old, Marg found a passion for dancing (especially ballet) that followed her all the way through high school and college. She found her passion for writing early on too but writing for her high school newspaper made her realize she wanted to pursue this at the collegiate level and long-term. She loves listening to classic rock, hiking, and spending time with her (large) family. Marg also loves animals, especially her dog Sandy, and will do almost anything as long as she can do it with friends.

Julia Kennedy, a 20-year-old college student currently attending Pace University in New York City, travelled a long way to be where she is now. Raised on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, Julia worked hard all throughout high school so she could leave the sheltered little island she called home and experience the real world firsthand in the toughest city in America. She dedicates this success to her writing skills, an asset that proved itself useful when the time came to apply for college scholarships. While most of her experience lies in editorial and journalistic writing, Kennedy has always had a passion for creative writing. She hopes to nurture her writing skills and apply them to a career that will allow her to keep living in her beloved city that never sleeps. Julia was raised on classic rock and loves listening to Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and Bob Dylan, all of whom she considers to be “the greats.” You can often find her listening to these artists while drawing or getting comfortable with a good book.

Lucie Flagg was born on May 31, 2003 in Chandler, Arizona and later moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she was raised. She is a student at Pace University majoring in Film and Screen Studies. Lucie has quite a bit of experience in the field of journalism, particularly within the past five years. In high school, she was Editor-in-Chief of a student-run online publication called The Uproar. In this position, she was nominated for and won over 30 individual awards, including the Keystone State Media Awards and the National Scholastic Press Association’s Pacemaker Awards. In the summer of 2022, Lucie moved to Phoenix, Arizona, where she worked as an Editorial Intern for Community Impact Newspaper and a Reporting Intern for Independent Newsmedia Inc. These are both online and monthly print publications. Currently, Lucie is a Resident Assistant and Peer Leader at Pace University. She is also a Millennium Fellow in partnership with MCN and the United Nations working to increase support for students with invisible disabilities. In her free time, Lucie enjoys collecting Le Creuset cookware and looking at adoptable dogs on Petfinder.com.

Kelly Hunt is a 19 year old college sophomore at Pace University originally from Long Island, New York. She is currently a Communications major, but isn’t sure exactly what she wants to do in the future. She has always loved English and writing and hopes to have a job that allows her to travel the world, as it is one of her dreams. Since Kelly loves pop culture and music, she might be interested in doing something in the music industry. She does not enjoy having a strict schedule and definitely has a type b personality, so she hopes to have a career that allows her to be flexible. In her free time, Kelly enjoys hanging out with her friends, going to concerts, walking around the city, and being in nature. She was originally going to be a journalism major, but selected communications as it is broader and is taking Introduction to Journalism to see if she enjoys the subject. Kelly is excited for her Sophomore year and to find her true passions

Gabriella Julian Alarcon, best known as Gab, is a 20-year old junior studying Communication with a concentration in Arts and Entertainment management. Before moving to the big apple for her academics Gab grew up in Shelton, Connecticut, with her three siblings, 10 years old Jeffrey, 18 years old Angelina and 27 year old Taylor. Other than having many family members, Gab also has three beautiful dogs, and loves anything travel and culture related. Aside from being a full time student, Gab also serves as a Tour Guide for Pace University, the Vice President of WPUB radio at Pace and spends her weekends as a retail associate at Rothmans, men’s clothing store. When Gab is not working or completing school related activities, you can find her active on Tik Tok, @.GabChat where she creates weekly videos interviewing Pace University students and faculty. Alarcons motto and trade mark is Everyone has a story, tell me yours, Her goal is to meet new people and learn more about the world through hearing personal stories and sharing them with others. Gab enjoys listening to 80s music, eating apples and learning new activities, she just recently learned how to solve a rubix cube.   

Samuel Davel is a 28-year-old actor, marketer, and author who was born in Port Washington,Wisconsin, a small town roughly 30 miles north of Milwaukee. After high school, Samuel joined the U.S. Army and spent 4 years as an Army Ranger before leaving the military for New York City and the endless possibilities there. Currently, Samuel is a senior at Pace University, majoring in communication with a minor in journalism. When not in class, Samuel keeps himself busy handling marketing for a startup in Flatiron or writing copy for a plethora of brands as a copywriter for a marketing agency based in Boston. When he’s not studying or working, he enjoys writing and has independently published two novels. On Sunday, you can find Samuel in front of the T.V. with a beer watching the Green Bay Packers.

Graceyn Garza is a junior at Pace University studying Communications and Media. She was born and raised in Austin, Texas and now resides in Brooklyn with her roommate. From a young age,Graceyn has been captivated by all kinds of media beginning with books. From the fantastical worlds of Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings to the densely worded works of Jane Austen, she devoured them all. The books, movies, and television she consumed shaped her into who she is today so, being of a curious nature, Graceyn strives to understand how and why. Now interested in a wide variety of media (social, television, film, digital journalism, and more), Graceyn is studying the inner workings of those forms. She is especially interested in the cross-section of mass media and culture, how each influences the other, and the effects of mass media via the internet on the whole of society. In her free time, Graceyn enjoys, of course, consuming all types of media, crafting with friends, and facetiming her family and two dogs back in Texas.

Olivia Spiegel (pronouns, she/they) is a sophomore Communications and English Literature double major at Pace University from Brookfield, Connecticut. She lives on campus with her childhood best friend and has been loving this new experience in New York. She has journalistic experience from previous classes in high school and writing for the school’s newspaper. For work, she has held a few part-time jobs in customer service back home, but currently works as a peer leader/teacher’s aide for a section of first year seminar. She is currently the vice president for Setter Stage, a theater club on campus open to all students. She is also the sisterhood chairwoman for her sorority, Phi Mu, a position that allows for her to promote inclusion, equality, and bonding for all sisters to support them emotionally, physically, spiritually, etc. For fun, she likes to write, read, and sing. She has a passion for musical theater and enjoys hanging out with all of her friends in the city!

Madeleine (Maddie) Whisler is a 19-year-old college student from Melrose, Massachusetts. She is studying communications and fashion marketing at Pace University and hopes to become a writer for a fashion magazine one day. Ever since she was a little girl, Maddie has loved fashion and even experimented with making her own clothes. She recently volunteered at New York Fashion Week to assist designers and models get ready for the runway backstage. With writing coming naturally to her, Maddie hopes to make a career out of the things she loves and has a pure talent for. Outside of academics, Maddie likes keeping up with pop culture and reading celebrity gossip. She also adores animals, especially dogs. She worked at a doggy daycare in the Financial District for a while but is currently searching for a new job/internship to get more experience in the field of communication. She has a major sweet tooth and is on a never-ending quest to find the best chocolate chip cookie in New York City.

Emily Whitehill is a current Pace University student in her second year, majoring in Communications. Originally from the United Kingdom. Emily came to New York in pursuit of a career in the entertainment industry. She started her journey as an Arts and Entertainment Management major but decided to switch to Communications after finding the courage to chase her dream of working for the Formula One media/PR team. For those unfamiliar with Formula One, it is the highest class of motorsports globally. Though an unusual and unsuspected interest, Formula One provides her with unparalleled joy. The fast-paced, adrenaline-filled lifestyle, plus the chance to explore the world, inspires Emily to work hard and make her family proud of her. Living in NYC has fulfilled a lifelong dream of hers even though she misses her family very much (especially her boxer dog, Teddy!). She can’t help but try to make the most of every opportunity that comes her way in order to thank her parents for all they have done to ensure her dreams become reality.

Vlada Ovetsky is a sophomore at Pace University. She lives in Staten Island and commutes to school by express bus. Vlada likes to hang out with friends, go to the movies, go shopping, listen to music, take long walks, and read books in her leisure time. She likes doing well in school and staying on top of her responsibilities. In addition, Vlada is very driven and goal-oriented. She is a communications major and hopes to be a public relations publicist after getting her bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Her favorite shows are “Sex and the City”, “Gossip Girl”, “Friends”, and “The Nanny”. Vlada is very interested in fashion. She works in retail, specifically at Macy’s. She has been to two New York Fashion Week shows this year and hopes to attend more in the future. She loves New York City, and hopes to live there in the coming years. Her favorite areas in New York City are Fifth Avenue, SoHo, and The Upper WestSide.


Gia Sparacino is a Junior at Pace University studying Communication and Media Studies with a minor in Journalism and Digital Storytelling. She transferred to Pace University as a rising Sophomore in 2021, and since then has become the Features Editor, and then the Secretary and Social Media Manager of The Pace Press—Pace University’s official Collegiate Newspaper. There, she has written many investigative pieces such as “Adjuncts: the unappreciated, underpaid, unseen academics of American universities,” which explores issues within American Universities underpaying adjunct professors and lack of tenure distributed to said party; as well as Op-Ed articles such as “The Staten Island Ferry: Is the free fare worth the price?” that both
critiques and promotes this public transportation. She currently works at Hungry Ghost Coffee in Tribeca and has been a barista for two years. She is 20 years old, born in Long Island, New York and enjoys listening to music, exploring film, literature, art and fashion as well as throwing cramped dinner parties with friends.

Marielle Parra is one half of an identical twin duo. She was raised in Tijuana, Mexico until high school which she started in San Diego, CA. She is a Senior at Pace University studying Film and Screen Studies. She is a multi-disciplinary artist practicing theatre, music, film, and writing. When not at school, you can find her working, cleaning, eating, sleeping, or running late to her next location. She is a queer Mexican storyteller with passions in education and social work. She loves to sing, dance, act and create. To relax she will take long walks with no particular destination, with an iced drink on hand and some groovy music playing. She likes to write scripts and journal entries. Her favorite food is Tijuana style tacos which she will get at the deliciously overpriced Tacos No. 1. She changes her nail polish way too often and enjoys doing laundry more than the average person.

His name is Jack Landers. He was born October 30th 2000 in a small town in New Jersey. He is currently a Senior at Pace studying Communications and has enjoyed the opportunities and experiences college has granted him so far. When Jack is not working on his studies, one could find him hanging out with friends, or spending quality time with his family, which includes his mother, father, sister and dog Twyla. For work Jack Valets cars when he is back at home and has met some interesting people doing so. One of the coolest people he has met is Giants quarterback Daniel Jones (aka Danny Dimes). Some of Jack’s hobbies include playing sports, guitar, and surfing. As fun as these activities are to do with others, sometimes he enjoys the serenity of doing the activities by himself, to get himself in a calm state of mind.


Teresa Siniak is a 19-year-old, Communications and Media studies major at Pace University. She was born in Bydgoszcz, Poland, but can call a multitude of places home. Having lived in
Ukraine, Texas, Maine, and now New York, she is no stranger to being the new girl in town. Growing up with very liberal parents in an extremely conservative part of Texas, she found interest in politics from a young age. Because of this, she spent time in high school writing news segments and performing them as one of the lead anchors on her school news show, WBUS75. While working on the news show, Teresa began to fall in love with storytelling in print form as well as in film form. Being a huge moviegoer she plans on declaring a Film and Screen Studies minor during her time at Pace. She currently works as a barista and TA at Pace University but during her spare time, she enjoys painting and playing tennis with friends.

Michael Rosen was born on October 6, 1999 in Atlanta, Georgia to two New Yorkers. He is the only person in his entire family who was born anywhere other than New York. Being that his parents and entire family are hardcore New Yorkers, he had grown up spending much of his time in New York. He considers himself to have been raised in both Atlanta and parts of New York. At 11, Michael wanted to pursue an acting career. He took classes, and eventually became represented by two agents and a manager who sent him on many auditions for various movies and television shows. The two biggest jobs he landed thus far were, at the age of 11/12, Army Wives, where he acted and recited lines in a scene alongside actor Sterling K. Brown, and at 15, HBO’s Vice Principals where he did the same with actor Danny McBride. Michael has not had his big break as of yet, but never wants to give up this passion for acting. He also has always been told to be an excellent writer, as well as interested in writing, specifically screenwriting or creative writing. Michael’s favorite food is Italian food. If you need any restaurant suggestions, he knows all the spots! Family is extremely important to Michael.

Victoria Dupuis was born on September 19, 1999, in Providence, Rhode Island. She moved to New York City to attend Pace University when she was 19 years old and is currently in her senior year. She has a major in Communication Studies and two minors, one in Film and Screen Studies and the other in Sociology and Anthropology. Victoria currently interns at Candlelight Concerts, a subsection of Fever, where she helps with the production of concerts. Last year, she served as the Treasurer of P.A.C.E. Board, bringing The Driver Era, Flo Milli, Dylan O’Brien, Keke Palmer, and more to Pace. She could not run for E-Board again, because she is a last-semester senior. During her downtime, she enjoys exploring the city, finding new coffee shops, and hanging out with her friends. Even with her busy schedule, Victoria will always make time to see Harry Styles in concert or spend the night watching a classic sitcom.

Logan Jonathan is from Buffalo, New York. He is a senior at Pace University studying sports marketing. Logan has very minimal journalistic experience, but he has written a few articles for The Pace Press.  He is passionate about sports and music, hence why he is studying sports marketing. His passion comes from being involved in team athletics throughout his life. He dreamt of playing sports professionally as many kids do. Now, being in college, he dreams of working in a marketing team under one of his favorite professional sport organizations. Preferably, he would like to work for either the Buffalo Bills or the New England Patriots. Logan’s passion for music comes from creating various songs with his friends during their free time. He was inspired to create music by Kanye West and other influential artists of his generation.  Aside from making music and playing sports, Logan enjoys hiking with his friends. Over the summer, he hiked in the Pocono Mountains and Niagara Falls.

Emma Fleming is a 19 year college student at Pace University, in New York City. She is currently majoring in Communication studies and one day hopes to pursue a career in that field. She is no stranger to a city, growing up just 20 minutes outside of Boston, Massachusetts. Emma also has many hobbies, such as drinking coffee, visiting little cafes, and of course, going to Dunks. When she isn’t in school or waiting in line for an iced caramel latte, she enjoys a good book, especially on a nice day where she can sit in the park with her friends. Her current read is A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara. While the city life is exciting and fun, Emma hopes to one day settle in Maine.

Madison Gonzalez was born and raised in Houston, Texas and moved to New York in 2019 for College. She started her education at Marymount Manhattan College but soon transferred to Pace University in 2020 to start her degree in Communication Studies and minor is Pre Law. Madison does not have any journalistic credits or experiences. Right now Madison is working at a makeup store called Bite Lip Lab where she makes personalized lipsticks. She recently has applied for an internship at the Stephen Colbert show and hopes to go into the entertainment industry someway. She personally loves music, movies, and art. She also enjoys practicing her skills in Dance and Theatre and likes to stay active by going on walks and going a doing weight training. Madison recently got a dog that she is fostering and she loves the taking care of him and taking him to the dog park and on long walks. Madison thinks that good writing focuses on the topic and is able to source the topic with many different examples and proving factors for the said topic.