Who’s Who (COS280, Online, Tuesdays)

Students Reporters, COS 280 Fall 2021

Jillian Angelini was born outside Philadelphia but currently lives in lower Manhattan. She is in her last semester at Pace studying Communications and Political Science. Jillian is interning at a fashion PR firm this semester, where she works with VIPs and celebrities all day. After college, she is interested in continuing working in PR. She would not say she has a lot of journalistic experience but has some writing experiences from her time at Pace. Jillian also studied abroad with Semester at Sea at the start of the Pandemic, so she definitely has
experience being stuck on a boat. Lastly, she just adopted a kitten named Misu.


Kayla Barone is a 21 year old college student from Long Island, currently living at home with 2 puppies. She is in her senior year at Pace University working towards a degree in Communication studies, and a master’s degree in Communications and Digital Media. Kayla likes to relax as much as possible. When she goes out, it’s to see friends, grab food or hit the gym. She is currently a Doordash Driver and wants to work in the entertainment industry. She always finds the time to watch Impractical Jokers and exercise. A day in the life of Kayla Barone is very relaxed and she plans to keep it that way.



Emily Dodaro was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA and fulfilled her dream of moving to New York City three years ago for college. She is a senior at Pace University, pursuing a double major in Communication Studies and Film and Screen Studies, as well as a minor in Arts and Entertainment Management. Emily always seems to have a full plate in all aspects of her life. In addition to being a full-time student, she works as a Film Publicity Intern for KATRINA WAN PR, a boutique public
relations agency, where she assists with publicity campaigns and press junkets for various independent and genre films. Emily also works part-time as a Line Control Attendant for Jujamcyn Theaters, where she manages the will call and cancellation ticket lines at multiple Broadway theaters. In the little spare time she has, Emily enjoys cooking, reading, indulging in many TV show binges, and exploring the city with her friends.

Madyson Greenly (Maddy) is a 20-year-old college student originally from Rochester NY, although she recently moved from Lower Manhattan to Crown Heights in Brooklyn. She is currently a senior at Pace University studying communications with a double minor in journalism and fashion marketing. In terms of writing, Maddy has written for Pace’s fashion blog as well as done editorial work for her job as the marketing and branding associate for NOTTE Jewelry. Despite her experience in and love for journalistic writing, her passion lies in poetry and creative writing, evidenced by the journals she has kept ever since she can remember. When she has free time in between work and school, Maddy enjoys creating playlists, reading, painting, watching movies, and going out with friends.



Vincent Folmer is currently a senior at Pace University with a major in Communications Studies and a minor in Film and Screen Studies. He is from Rockland County, New York and has zero to no journalism experience. In contrast to this, he does enjoy writing in his spare time
and likes to use his mind in creative ways by thinking up stories and drawing cartoons. Currently, Vinny has an internship working on a startup business’ social media, which is taking up most of his time at the moment, but the work he does there is exactly what he was
looking for. For fun, besides writing, Vinny enjoys watching any kind of blockbuster movie. His favorites include, of course, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Mission: Impossible. Back at home, Vinny also spends his time with his 10-year-old English bulldog named Bruiser. Living a simple life, Vinny is looking forward to graduation and moving forward.

Gina Gelchie is a Pace University Senior. This will be her last year studying at the Lubin School of Business before she attends law school in the fall. Her home is on Long Island but, she currently resides at the Pleasantville campus dorms.
From a young age, she has always had a passion for writing. Gina’s favorite writing course she enrolled in at Pace University was Critical Writing. She has also written an article for the Pace Chronicle and the university Her Campus blog. Her combined passion for writing and true crime has led her to decide to attend law school. When she is not thrifting or hiking, she is glued to the television screen watching Criminal Minds or any true crime show. Right beside her watching television is her dog, Toby. He is a Labrador and Corgi mix she had rescued earlier this year. Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend never had a puppy.


Chen He is a 22 years old college student in Pace University. She was born October 14th in Shanghai, China and is currently living in Shenzhen with her family. She is a senior and her major is communication studies. In order to cultivate her interests and hobbies, her parents signed her up for a lot of classes, such as piano, tennis, taekwondo, golf and so on. But she did not learn them all very well. Chen likes reading suspense novels and watching suspense movies so much. But she is not good at writing. She loves playing puzzle games like Escape rooms and live action role playing (LARP). Last summer, she and her friend opened a LARP shop. But her original intention is just to facilitate herself to play. She also loves playing with legos, especially Harry Potter’s. She had recently bought a Hogwarts Hall Lego and was very happy. Chen’s favorite singer is Jackson Wang, and she likes use his songs to call herself wake up to start each day.

Cameron Hnaiti is a 22-year-old college student at Pace University. Originally from Michigan and now living in Manhattan with his roommate Max Berns. He is in his senior year and worried about his job options. He is an advertising marketing major and has a passion for music. He wants to mix both his passion and his job, so he is happy with his career. He is a self-taught guitar player, which has created his love for music. From making multiple playlists to writing songs. Cameron wants to further his career in music and follow his passion. He has one year until he starts a full-time job, that he is still searching for. But he always knows that with time everything will fall in place.



Henry Kung (aka Wei Hao Kung) was born September 3rd, 2000, in Taiwan. He is the only child in his family; he was raised in China mainland by his parents and studied there till high school. He always wanted to study abroad since he was a little kid because he was curious and fascinated by different cultures. He is in his junior year at Pace University majoring in business management. He has a huge passion for music. He usually hang out with his friends and make music together in his spare time. He appreciates many musical genres, but his music is more towards Hip-Hop, and R&B. The picture is a representation of him on stage. He was performing for a show hosted by his crew in Guangzhou city. It was a memorable experience of his life. To him, music reflects self, and he thinks music is a better way to express himself than conversations.

Katherine Paterson is a second semester junior at Pace University. She is pursuing a degree in Communication Studies and attempting a Women and Gender Studies minor. Katherine is currently living in Orlando, Florida where she is working full-time for Walt Disney World in a six month internship program. She is originally from Green Brook, New Jersey and moved to New York when she was 18 years old to begin her college education at Pace. When Katherine returns to New York City in the spring, she will be living on the Lower East Side and graduating with the class of 2022. Post-grad she hopes to find a job in entertainment. Despite this being Katherine’s second journalism course she’s taken in college she still has very little experience in the field. When she is not working or consumed by schoolwork she enjoys swimming, shopping, traveling, and spending time with her friends and family. Katherine is looking forward to a successful semester and getting to know everyone in her classes.

Hailey Paz is a 22 year old College student at Pace University. She is currently completing all her classes online from her home town of Los Angeles, California. Hailey is a senior at Pace and is working towards her degree in communication studies and sociology. All week you can find her locked into her laptop finishing as much online class work as possible. During the weekend, Hailey volunteers part time for her community to help foster children with reading, writing, and math. This is something she has been doing for years now and hits close to home. Hailey has been an older sister to 5 foster children for 6 years now and believes everyone deserves someone to believe in them. When given any free time, Hailey likes to attend fitness classes, visit her siblings, go roller skating at the beach, or try new cooking recipes. Hailey enjoys living a very stable life and loves to stick to her daily routine.

Britney Peralta is a 20 year old senior college student who was born and raised on Long Island. At Pace University, Britney is pursuing a dual degree in Economics and Communication Studies to navigate media and data analytics careers where she can combine her interests in digital media and applied mathematics. Currently, she is living on campus in Lower Manhattan where she has garnered real-world experiences through jobs and internships while also having her fun with friends in the city that never sleeps. When she is not soaking up the hustle-and-bustle lifestyle that New York City emits, Britney enjoys sunny Long Island beach days where her only worry is not getting a sunburn and having intimate bonfires with friends where only the sound of nature consumes her ears. From her academic life to her city-to-suburb admiration, it is clear that Britney has the best of both worlds—the duality of life!

Madeline “Maddy” Taylor was born on October 5th 1999 in Oakland, California. She is currently living in the bustling financial district of New York City with her best friends. She is working on finishing her degree at Pace University double majoring in Film and Communications with a minor in graphic design. When Maddy is not busy with schoolwork, she is interning at the shoe company, MizMooz, and is in their Ecommerce Marketing and Media office. Madeline prides herself with being the head of all Tiktoks for the company. She also holds a leadership position on her university
campus’s Greek Life as Vice President of Kappa Delta Sorority.
Maddy even finds the sliver of time to edit, produce and host a
podcast with her best friend called, “That’s So the Podcast.” When Maddy has free time she spends it with her close-knit friends trying as many restaurants and shops in NYC as she can. Madeline lives a very busy life with her friends that are considered family. When she is not in the financial district, you can find her on the Upper East Side having candlelight “Girls Night In’s” with her best friend
and fellow podcast host, or find her in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn hunting for the best Mexican restaurant. Maddy is always on the go in hopes of one day obtaining world domination…or at least below 14th street.

Camryn Thayer was born July 12, 2000 in a small town in Connecticut. Now a senior at Pace University in downtown Manhattan, she is pursuing a degree in Communications and Photography. Outside of school, she interns at Brookside Artist Management, where her main task is reading unreleased scripts for TV and movie and writing brief reports on them. Being able to use creative writing in the reports she writes is a fulfilling mix of work experience and creative freedom. She hopes to one day have a career in the entertainment industry, similar to this internship. Additionally, as an avid lover of the arts, she can often be found in park row, working on a painting or a photography project. Her past summer was spent in the painting studio creating large scale pieces. Equally Inspired by life in the city and her creative friends, she is always working on some sort of art project.


Brooke Wasserman is a senior Communications major at Pace with a minor in public relations. Originally from Long Island, Brooke now lives, works, and attends school in Manhattan. Brooke Loves fashion, photography , travel, and dabbles with a bit of baking in her free time. Three weeks before the Covid-19 pandemic began, Brooke traveled throughout Europe, stopping in such places as Paris, Belgium, and Amsterdam, delving into the different fashion trends and cuisine. More recently, Brooked worked at multiple shows and events during the 2021 New York Fashion Week ranging from LaQuan Smith’s runway at the Empire State building to the Met Gala afterparty. Fashion and social events are a great combination of what Brooke lies to do and this was a fantastic experience for her. Brooke has been taking steps to advance her career by working for a PR firm since September 2020 and plans to follow a similar line of work for her future career.

Tatiana Rivera (Tati) is a 21 year old college senior at Pace University, born and raised in the South Bronx, New York City. She is currently working towards getting a double bachelor’s degree in Film and Screen Studies and Communication Studies. When Tati is not at school, she is spending a majority of her hours working for her two jobs. She is currently a social media manager/marketer & a social media assistant at two up and coming businesses. She spends her work hours creating social media posts through Canva, strategizing promotional marketing ideas, attending events and pop up shops, and essentially running the social media platforms for both businesses. Tati also has a freelance business where she is a video editor mainly for those in higher educational fields (i.e., professors who need help editing videos for their online classes). Although work and school takes up most of Tatiana’s life, when she has free time she loves to go on city adventures with her boyfriend, exploring different restaurants and eateries, shopping, and expanding her makeup skills. Tatiana is really into fashion and spends a majority of her money on food and clothes. When it comes to journalism, she doesn’t have much skill, but she has been told she can write a mean essay.

Sarah Scott is a 21 year old undergraduate senior at Pace University. She grew up in Lexington, Massachusetts which is where Paul Revere rode on a horse to tell everyone the British are coming, also where the “shot heard ‘round world” was fired. She then moved to New York City for school in 2018 and has been here ever since. Her only writing and journalism experience has been in school. She works at the ice cream shop Van Leeuwen. When she isn’t studying at school or scooping ice cream, she enjoys singing, trying out new restaurants in the city, and cooking for her friends. If there is a karaoke to be had, she will be there in a heartbeat. Her favorite place in the city is Champs Diner, an all-vegan eatery in Williamsburg. But don’t think that all this eating out means she can’t cook, her famous chickpea scramble or vegan pumpkin cheesecake thanksgiving special will surely have you contemplating a more plant-based diet.

Delaney Sheehan is a young twenty-year old in the midst of her senior year of college in New York City. Spending her days studying communications as well as fashion marketing, Delaney is very involved in her studies. Before moving up to New York, Delaney spent most of her life growing up in a small beach town in Florida called Santa Rosa Beach. There she worked as a waitress and hostess at a cozy, local Italian restaurant throughout high school and later again when she lived at home during the pandemic. When moving to New York from Florida Delaney wanted to try as many new things as possible, writing being one of them. Although she doesn’t have as much experience with journalism as she would like, she has enjoyed occasionally writing articles to be published on Pace University’s Her Campus website. Since moving back to New York Delaney has been extremely focused on attaining a fashion or styling related internship to help her begin gaining experience in the industry. Always admiring the world of fashion, Delaney feels that she is right where she needs to be to fulfill her dreams of working in the industry.


Louis John Ragusa III was born on June 5th, 2000 in the neighboring town of the Pace Pleasantville campus in Mt. Kisco, New York. He grew up not too far from campus as well, living in Yorktown Heights, New York. Louis is the youngest child out of four and has two sisters and a brother. Ever since Louis was a young kid you could find him playing or watching any sports he could get his hands on. Along with playing sports he loves hanging out with his family and friends but most of the time you can find him hanging out with his dog Noodle Head. When it comes to work experience the past three summers he’s worked for his father’s wine distribution business as well as coach lacrosse part time in Westchester. Louis is entering his final year of school at Pace and is the goalie on the Men’s Lacrosse team. He’s excited to graduate and continue making memories that will last a lifetime.

Aaliyah Henry is 21-year-old senior at Pace University in New York City. She is a
communications major who hopes to find a job in marketing or public relations after earning her
bachelor’s degree. She’s from Newburgh, New York and currently resides in Financial District
where she also is a hostess at Bobby Vans on Broad Street. It’s a good thing she works at a
restaurant because she sure loves to eat. On her free time, she enjoys hanging with friends,
treating herself to a nice manicure, and going out for drinks and dinner, she is also looking to
pick up a new hobby. Although she has a pretty busy schedule, she always tries to find time to
relax, spend time with family, and hang at home watching a good show