Who’s Who (Fall ’22, Mondays)

Student Reporters

Leigh Bauer is a 21-year-old college student born in the San Francisco/Bay Area, but loving her life as a New Yorker! She is a senior at Pace University double-majoring in Film and Screen Studies and Communication Studies with a minor in Women and Gender Studies. Leigh grew up going to the movies and watching TV with her family and as a result, she’s always known she’ll end up working in the entertainment industry. After impactful experiences working on her middle and high school yearbook staffs, Leigh applied to colleges with the plan of going into film journalism and criticism. However, she soon realized her true passion was digital marketing, leading her to social media and marketing internships with Paramount+, NBCUniversal, and Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids. Leigh is passionate about fandom studies and representation in media. In her downtime, she can often be found listening to Taylor Swift music on repeat, catching up on new TV shows, movies, and theater, and attempting to write and create clever Tweets and TikToks about it all.

Mackenzie (Kenzie / Kenz) Boudreau is a 21-year-old Capricorn from Southington, Connecticut who currently resides in a quant apartment located in Brooklyn. After spending the summer in Orlando, Florida working at Disney’s All Star Music Resort, she is more than ready to complete her senior year at Pace University where she majors in Communication Studies and double minors in Art & Entertainment Management and Film & Screen Studies. When Mackenzie is not attending classes, she can be found working on various promotions for NBCUniversal as their marketing representative at Pace University or watching Community with her roommate. Some of her favorite things include pasta, Taylor Swift, Marvel movies, sunflowers, sitcoms, coffee, theatre, reading, and the color yellow. However, there is nothing Mackenzie loves more than spending time with her friends. While she doesn’t have a specific post-graduation plan, she aspires to one day work within the entertainment industry and own a dog.

Julia Bucholtz is a senior at Pace University, majoring in Communications Studies with minors in Creative Writing and Journalism. She is originally from a small town called Dallas, Pennsylvania and wanted to move to the big city for college for more opportunities during her college and professional life. Throughout her years at Pace, she has written many news articles, creative stories, poems, and research pieces. With the many opportunities New York City has, she has worked for the International Emmy Awards as talent relations, the Associated Press as a Vote Entry Operator, and is currently an event planning intern for Jennifer Zabinski Events. After college, she hopes to obtain a career that involves writing stories, particularly creative writing. Julia is also a member of Phi Mu Fraternity where she holds the position of Honor Chairwoman where she upholds the standards and wellbeing of the fraternity. When she is not in school or working, Julia enjoys going to yoga classes, exploring local markets, and spending time with friends and family; most importantly, with her dog Loki.

Born in Philadelphia, Nov. 8, 2001, Mandi Karpo was raised in a fruitful town called Cherry Hill, N.J. At a young age, Mandi was immersed in competitive sports: gymnastics, slalom waterskiing, and dance. While she no longer competes in any, her summers are spent skiing with her father and partaking in drop-in dance classes. After graduating high school in 2019, Mandi enrolled at Pace University in New York City, and majored in Computer Science with the intention of becoming a Software Engineer. However, by the end of her Freshman year, she realized computers were not in her future. Now, Mandi is a Political Science major and is the President and Editor-in-Chief of the University’s online and monthly in-print newspaper, The Pace Press, with an expected graduation date of May 2023. After undergrad, Mandi dreams of becoming an attorney with a specialization in Media, Entertainment and Technology Law. She started studying for her Law School Admission Test (LSAT) just last week and expects to take the most extensive and critical exam in her 20 years of life (next to the bar), in August 2023. When she isn’t studying for the LSAT, Mandi enjoys a fascinating book, taking kickboxing and dance classes, traveling, drawing, painting, and building intricate Lego art pieces.

Gracie Knoth is in her senior year at Pace University. She is going to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. She is majoring in Finance and minoring in French. When Gracie isn’t at school in NYC, she is flying back and forth between Southern California and Hawaii where she lives the other half of the year. She is a California girl at heart, and she lives a laid back beach lifestyle. The ocean is her favorite place and where she thrives the best. One of her favorite meals is an acai bowl with chocolate chip banana bread. She lives on an “island diet.” She hopes to pursue a career in professional event planning either in California or Hawaii. One day she hopes to be planning pirates for celebrities, and press event parties for designer brands. She wishes to have a higher-end and more sophisticated clientele. Gracie has two different lives: one where she is laid back with sand in between her toes and one with the glitz and glamor of New York City elite society. She has not had any prior journalism experience but is looking forward to learning about journalism this semester.

Isabella “Belle” Lindner is a 19-year-old from Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania, and is currently a sophomore Criminal Justice major at Pace University. Due to being obsessed with the show Criminal Minds for years, she’s always known that Criminal Justice would be the path for her. However, something she never saw coming was a love for Journalism. During her freshman year at Pace, Belle took a Journalism course just for fun, and now, a year later, she has decided to work towards a minor in Journalism and Digital Storytelling. Although it may seem like an odd combination, Belle loves that Criminal Justice has the ability to bring out her logical side, while she still has the opportunity to explore her creative side through Journalism. With that being said, Belle is very excited to see how this duo plays out in her future endeavors and how she can incorporate them both into her everyday life.

Clea Matt is a 21 year old college student currently living in lower Manhattan. Originally from Salem, Massachusetts, she will always argue it is much better to visit in the spring. Spending her days surrounded by knick knacks and friends, Clea is a senior at Pace University completing her degree in Communications and Media Studies with minors in Graphic Design and Digital Media Studies. She loves to keep busy and is currently an intern at The Whitney Museum of American Art and is passionate about making the arts accessible to everyone. When not at work or school, she enjoys creating her own art. Exploring many mediums, Clea enjoys printmaking, collage, digital design, along with whatever is on sale at Michaels. She finds joy in spending time outside, soaking up the sun, and learning new skills, her newest being beading. In her last year at school, she hopes to soak up as much knowledge as she can before she becomes a “real adult.”

Riley Natalova (known as “smiles” within the NYC youth art scene) is a 19-year-old native New Yorker currently attending their second year at Pace University. They have been an active member within the NYC DIY scene since 2019, but only recently started organizing shows under the name of Araucaria, a team they started with a close friend. Not only do they organize shows but they are also known for their documentation of NYC youth through film photography, over 500 film photos developed in the past 2 years. As an artist of sorts, they are notorious for selling their various artworks at shows as well. Although most of their free time is spent crafting, they are constantly overly busy. Whether it is working as a kids’ birthday party entertainer or picking up a shift at Ralphs Italian Ices, Riley always tries to put their best foot forward. Their dream is to one day write and illustrate children’s books, it seems like they are on the right track!

Olivia Sturgell is a Pace University senior hailing from Binghamton, New York. Pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Communication, Journalism, and Arts & Entertainment Management, Olivia envelops her life in media; not only running a media-based student organization on campus, working production on Sherri, a daytime talk show, but also spending her free time at events like the VMAs, working with BuzzFeed News, and attending other TV tapings. Olivia also used to work as a content creator and radio personality as well! On top of her love for media, Olivia is passionate about fashion and has a vast fascination for true crime. Her favorite podcast is Morbid, her favorite TV shows are Friends and Hannah Montana, and her favorite movie is Clueless. She is an Aries – meaning she loves the chaos and spontaneity of it all!

John Wisdom is a 22-year old college student from Connecticut, and originally from New Orleans. He currently resides in Manhattan and is close with friends, family, and his girlfriend. John is a senior at Pace currently studying History and minoring in Communication Studies. Although history is his main passion, he enjoys the concepts and curriculum of the Communication Studies program. Moreover, he enjoys working out and playing basketball nearly every day as a means of keeping in shape and having fun. He has an internship at a law office to keep himself busy during days where he does not have class. John truly enjoys good food–in whatever form of cuisine, and is keen on trying the unknown and unappreciated spots in NYC. He still holds a deep love for Cajun and Creole cuisine and tries to find this food (although difficult) in the Big Apple. Being born in NYC, but having moved soon after to New Orleans, John is happy to be in the place where he first lived and wants to spend his foreseeable future here.

Isabella Medina was born in the Dominican Republic on August 22nd, 2003. In 2011, When she was just seven years old, she moved to the United States with her mother, father, and older sister, who is two years older than her. Although she moved at such a young age from her birthplace, her parents kept her in touch with the Dominican culture. Isabella is a sophomore at Pace University pursuing a career in Communication and Media Studies. She has never had a job but soon wishes to gain experience by applying to different internships relating to her career. She always finds different ways to keep herself busy, so when she is not hanging out with friends, she knits or makes beaded bracelets for fun. She really loves all things related to music, so she also enjoys using her free time to learn new songs on the piano or the electric guitar.

Maureen Corrigan is a 19-year-old college student who has definitely had quite an interesting life so far. One major part of that life was moving constantly and definitely more than the average non-military kid. It all started when she was born on Long Island which was nothing out of the ordinary, but just as she was developing into a normal kid everything changed due to circumstances with her mom. This would cause her and her father to move upstate to a town she had never even heard of, Cornwall. She was in 3rd grade and it would be a large change. Just as she was adjusting to this new environment and daily life her dad would meet a new woman which would result in yet another move to the nearby Beacon. Though the relationship would quickly fizzle out that would be the last major move. Till now where she is a Communications studies student at Pace University in Downtown Manhattan in a place where she finally feels at a spot that feels like home.

Edward (Eddie) Warner was born July 31, 2000 in San Diego, California. Growing up, they found a passion for the arts, specifically singing, dancing, and acting. They attended Catholic school from Kindergarten until high school, when they moved to the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts (SDSCPA). Here is where Eddie was introduced to the art form of drag, and from then on it was their dream to become a working drag queen in New York City. Post high school, Eddie moved to New York to attend Pace university as a Communications major, and completely fell in love with the energy of the city. In their free time, Eddie enjoys walking through different parks, listening to music, and doing makeup. After years of living in the city, they were finally able to begin performing in drag under the name Queen E (pronounced like Queenie) while still pursuing their education at Pace. After college, Eddie hopes to focus more on perfecting their drag persona, and confusing all the men in Manhattan.

Brooke George was born and raised in Danville, California which is right outside of San Francisco. She’s been working in fashion for over a year now and has worked with her favorite editorials like Vogue, Elle, and Interview Magazine. She’s always had a love for fashion so on her free time she likes to thrift clothes and then cut them up and rework them with her sewing machine. Outside of that, Brooke spends a lot of time with her friends exploring new places. She values her alone time so when she’s not with anyone she loves to sit in a park and draw. During her high school years, she wrote articles for her local magazine where she talked about recent news and all interesting updates about what’s going on in her town and surrounding towns. For her job, Brooke is currently working as a freelance stylist where she gets to work with a variety of different clients and creatives. A very busy lifestyle but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Avery Auletta is a 21 year old senior at Pace University who majors in Communications with a minor in Film Studies. She is originally from New Jersey but currently lives in Little Italy with her roommate, her best friend of eight years.  In Jersey, she has two cats that live with her parents and sister, she receives pictures of them constantly and misses them immensely (the cats). She loves to read and write, and one day would love to write novels and poems and create music. She has been praised for her writing in the past, getting into honors programs, receiving awards, and getting her work published in magazines. She also enjoys watching television shows and movies, her favorites at the moment being Succession, Bojack Horseman, Arrested Development and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. She would also love to write scripts for television shows and movies. On the weekends, you could find her out with friends in the Lower East Side, in a local bookstore or sitting in a park/garden writing in her journal.

Brooke Brassell was born one bright morning on April 12 2002 in Philadelphia. Her Irish family encouraged her to stay busy growing up and she did this by competing and performing all over the United States throughout her 14 years as an Irish dancer. Brooke performed at amazing venues including Carnegie Hall and Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World with her performance group. After high school, she stopped dancing and moved to New York City to begin her education at Pace University. For the past two years she has been working towards her majors in Economics and Communication Studies. Brooke currently works full time at a local restaurant on Pier 17 in the Seaport District. She loves her job and is working hard trying to balance her long hours, her course load at Pace, and her hobbies. Sewing and painting are her main interests outside of school and work so it is important that she finds time to create new things in between work and school. Staying busy has always been a part of Brooke’s life and she is definitely busy in the city!

Layne Davis is a 19 year old college student currently living in Washington Heights while studying at Pace University (NYC). Born and raised in the small city of Nashua, NH, the diversity and fast pace of New York has been a large adjustment for Davis. She is a Sophomore at Pace and is currently undecided, although she initially came to the school for a BFA in Musical Theater. Davis is currently in what she calls a “transitional phase of life”, as she intends to use her second year of college to seek out her new calling, and explore as much as she can. She has very little journalism experience, but the field sparks her interest as a writer at heart. Davis also has a deep passion for global social justice. In her free time away from her studies, Davis loves singing, spending her time listening to neo-soul and jazz, reading self help books, and getting boba tea and retail therapy with her close friends.

Sheila Etu is 19 years old and on the road to success. Currently she schools at Pace university studying communication studies and digital design. She aspires to be a successful creative director. She was born in 2003 in Washington DC on March 10th when the sun was exhausted in its highest point in the sky. She went to school in Maryland before moving here to NYC for school. So far, Shelia’s life has been as crazy as the next persons, or so she chooses to think. She’s grateful to say she’s been blessed to visit many countries around the world and lived in Scotland for about 2 years, everything she has seen and taken to notice only drives her to do things for the benefit of this world as a whole. Moreover, she believes the best form of self-expression is art and through her art, she hopes to reach the hearts of many and inspire them to stay indebted to themselves and strive for the best.