Who’s Who (COS280)

Student Reporters, Spring 2022

Lyndsey Brown was born on August 27, 2003 and raised in the small town of Litchfield, NH. Lyndsey grew up with 3 siblings; an older sister Lorelei, a younger sister Katelyn, and a younger brother Ryan. Coming from a very athletic family, Lyndsey started playing softball at the age of 4, and later started cross country running in the fifth grade. Sports have always been a large part of her life and she almost attended the Pace University Pleasantville campus to play for the softball team. She is currently studying communication studies as well as criminal justice at Pace University in New York, NY. When she’s not studying or at work, she enjoys hanging out with her friends, exploring the city, and running. She is currently training for the Boston Marathon on April 18, 2022, with two of her close friends whom she met at school.

Cameron Crupi is a senior Communication Studies major at Pace University. She was born and raised in South Jersey and is one of seven children. She works as a receptionist at a hair salon in the East Village on the weekends and picks up babysitting jobs whenever her schedule allows during the week. After graduating, Cameron plans on landing a job in Public Relations. She currently resides in SoHo, where she lives with her two roommates. Cameron loves reading and is always looking to surpass her Goodreads’ Reading Challenge. She also loves traveling and is always looking to see new places, especially if Harry Styles’ is currently touring there (She’s going to Europe to see him this summer). Journalism piques her interest because she finds visiting and experiencing other cultures to be fascinating. The country she is most excited to visit one day is Japan.

Amanda Diniz is an international student from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, at Pace University. She is currently a Junior working towards her degree in Communication Studies and a minor in Arts and Entertainment Management. Amanda has worked as a Social Media Intern at 12ML Comunicação in Brazil, where she wrote posts about music, artists, films, and tv shows. At sixteen years old, Amanda left her home to study in a boarding school in Florida. During her years there, she met people from all around the world and got to experience different cultures. Amanda is truly passionate about music. She believes singing is the best way to express her feelings and communicate with others. Nonetheless, after graduation, Amanda wants to work in the music industry as an artist manager. For fun, Amanda enjoys going out with her friends, working out, watching movies, and going to the beach; She likes singing, playing volleyball, tap dancing, and traveling.

Sofia Erreguerena is a 19 year old student at Pace University New York City Campus. Sofia was born in Mexico City, and then moved to Texas in 2014. This experience gave her a unique perspective to life, and Sofia became especially interested in politics. Because of this, she is now studying Political Science and Communication Studies. She has expanded her interest by becoming an organizer for Mark Levine’s successful campaign for Manhattan Borough President during the New York City 2021 elections, and now has moved on to work with Tom DiNapoli’s campaign for State Comptroller, focusing on communications. She plans on continuing to explore her career in the political communication sector. In her free time, Sofia enjoys running. She ran a half marathon in October 2021, and is training for another one in April of this year. Sofia also likes to spend time with her friends and family, as well as cooking.

Nora Hidra was born August 29th. A summer baby (isn’t she lucky as can be?) Nora is a Brooklyn, NY native. Many times, people tend to TELL her she’s from New York rather than ASK if she is from New York. Why? She says the most common answer is the way she talks. Nora enjoys having something so prominent about her, she takes pride of where she is from. What many people do not know is Nora is a first generation Albanian- American who devotes a lot of her time to reviewing Albanian politics. One of her biggest concerns is the political wellbeing /climate in her country and one day she hopes to be a news reporter in the Balkan regions. Although she is so passionate about her roots, many times she feels she is not rooted. This is because she’s only 19. Nora see’s planning for the future as overwhelming and enjoys taking life the way it comes toward her. Nora feels complete when she travels. Coming from a culture with amazing dance, music, and food she wants to explore what other cultures can offer. She has visited Asia in her early teenage years and has seen most of Europe. Her favorite color is purple, and she spends an excessive time on Pinterest.

Mackinley Hill was born on a Saturday in the heat of August. In her birthplace of Palatine, Illinois. She never considered Illinois to be her home. Home to Mackinley will always be Colorado. The place she spent the remainder of her childhood. She had a quiet outdoorsy life, spending her weekends snowboarding in the mountains or having sleepovers with friends. The quiet life became loud when she moved to New York City. The place she would call home for the next six years. She spent time getting acquainted with city life. She soon found herself returning to the university life which she had put on hold for 2 years. Mackinley felt she had a calling to find new passions. She landed an opportunity to write for a fashion magazine. She is proud of having some of her work published. Mackinley always thought of this as a dream that would never come true. Mackinley has a deep love for all the animals in her life. Especially her family dog Oliver. An adorable little toy poodle, who she considers to be a dork.

Brenna Kokkinis is a 20 year old senior at Pace University. She was raised in New Jersey and moved to Brooklyn to pursue a Communications degree. When not bouncing between school, her internship, and her part-time job, Brenna likes to paint, read, go on walks, get food with friends, and nap. In a perfect world where money was not a means to survive, Brenna would run a dog rescue and shelter. Although she has no previous journalism experience, there is not an active dislike for writing and sometimes it even helps to calm her down. There is never a time when Brenna is not listening to music, and her favorite artist at the moment is Pinegrove— although she admits the title changes often.

Sophia Loiacono is a senior at Pace University pursuing a BBA in Finance with a minor in marketing. She has no experience with journalism but finds excitement in learning about new industries outside of her current field of study. Her home outside of New York City is Queensbury, New York. Queensbury is a small town an hour north of Albany where Sophia lives with her parents, brother Johnny, and her dog Bristol. Most past work for Sophia has always been retail, most recently Old Navy. In school, she works as a student aide in the office of Criminal Justice and Modern Language. When not in school or work, Sophia can be found creating something. Whether it be sewing or something new, it’s never the same project twice. In the future, Sophia hopes to move into the world of analytics, combining her Finance degree with her interest in data analysis.

Frank Spinelli is a junior studying communications and minoring in marketing and art.  As far as Frank can remember, he always gravitated toward art and its many forms.  Frank took up drawing at a young age and has been doing so ever since. Nowadays, he’s attempted many different mediums including paint, pastels, charcoal, plaster, printmaking, etc. (some more successful than others). Over the course of this pandemic, he feels as though he had undergone a huge change. Initially, Frank was quite introverted; he kept his circle tight knit and rarely engaged in social events consisting more than a handful of people. Social distancing is the opposite of the end of the world for an introvert, and Frank’s adaptation to this new was pretty painless. However, as month went by of self-isolation, Frank began to lose the familiar comfort in being alone. What was once easy for him was now becoming more difficult.  He yearned for social interactions more than ever in his entire life. The immense circumstantial change altered his brain chemistry to such an extent.  Frank was eager to get back into the swing of things that he may have taken for granted before.

Fiona O’Donnell is an 18-year-old college freshman studying communications, originally from Melrose Massachusetts. Growing up in the same suburban town in Massachusetts for her whole life inspired her to eventually move to New York City, later deciding to attend Pace University. Back in Melrose, she grew up dancing and was a part of a competitive dance team for 6 years. She loved all things theatre and joined the drama club at her school. There, she became an assistant choreographer and dance captain and grew her passion for the arts. She loves being with her friends and family, listening to music, and painting. Even though Fiona loves the city, she also loves the beach, specifically the beaches on the shore of Massachusetts in Scituate and Gloucester. Being in the city has opened her eyes to many careers, and specifically some in the journalism field, loving the energy the city has and wanting to learn all about it. She loves exploring NYC and is excited for the next four years here.

Jaeden Pinder is an aspiring journalist based in New York City. Born and raised in South Florida, she grew up surrounded by the arts, dancing for 14 years and performing her high school’s theatre productions. While Jaeden always had a penchant for writing, she only began actively writing when she entered Pace University, where she is studying English with a minor in Journalism and Digital Storytelling. Jaeden joined her school’s newspaper, The Pace Press, last winter and is now their current arts editor, where she curates a monthly playlist column. She has been published in the intersectional publication An Injustice! and has also published her work on Medium. In her downtime, you can find her perusing local bookstores and record shops, searching for her next creative infatuation. After college, she hopes to pursue a career in arts and culture journalism, with a focus on music criticism. Regardless of where life takes her, Jaeden strives to live artistically.

Carla “Candy” Romeus was born on July 26th, 2001 under a Waxing Cresent Moon in a small town in Connecticut. A dramatic extroverted Haitian American, born from two introverted born and raised in Haiti. From a young age, Carla was told: “she was mature for her age” by adults and “a lot” by her peers. In elementary school, she always seemed to do well even when she was not trying so she stuck to the bare minimum and still did great. One day, she was reading “Big Nate Goes for Broke” and a line stuck to her, “Elementary and Middle school doesn’t even matter, colleges only look at your high school grades.” There Carla felt that she unlocked the cheat code of school, she only needed to really try in high school, but till then she needed to find who she wanted to be, and that’s what she did. There she realized she wanted to be in the entertainment industry, she loved making people laugh effortlessly. When she made it to High school she made it her mission to try to get out of that place as soon as she can. She started to take difficult classes, such as AP and IB to really set herself out in the crowd, but still being her true comedic self. When it came to applying for schools, she felt that she was a shoe-in to get into every school she wanted to get into as well as full rides. She only applied to out-of-state schools in cool places such as Manhattan, Atlanta, and San Francisco. There she made it to Pace University in New York City where she is studying Communications with a double minor in Computer Science and Digital Media.

Kyle Peter Proscia was born on September 7, 1999 in Flemington, New Jersey. At the age of 5, Kyle began showing a lot of interests towards the arts, theater, drawing and writing, this is something that has carried over into his adult life and are some of his favorite hobbies. Kyle is born to Jill Proscia (56) and Gregg Proscia (64). Kyle has two siblings, Toni (33) and Gregg Jr. (30). In 2009, his parents divorced and his dad remarried to his stepmom Rhonda Proscia (60). Kyle is very close to his entire family and would do anything for them. In 2018, Kyle moved to New York City to attend school at Pace University. In the Spring of 2022, he will be receiving his Communications Degree and a Minor in Marketing.

MiKayla Jade Miller was born April 17th, 2000 in a small town in Illinois called Danvers. She was born to father Jeffrey Miller and mother Gina Miller, and has one brother, Collin Miller. At the age of four, she began dancing at a small studio and immediately took a liking to it. As she grew older, she began participating in other sporting events: volleyball, basketball, and soccer. Miller’s participation in multiple extra curricular activities (honor societies, student government, business club) allowed her to pursue her academic career at Pace University in 2018. She is currently working towards a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies with minors in Marketing and Journalism & Digital Storytelling, with plans to graduate in May 2022. On top of her school load, she interns at Talent Resources, an influencer marketing agency, as well as babysits a four-year-old girl. In her free time, MiKayla enjoys thrift shopping, exploring new coffee shops, meeting new friends, and spending time outdoors.

Michelle Gonzalez is a twenty-one year old woman from Tallahassee, Florida. She was originally from Closter, New Jersey, but moved when she was in high school due to parents ‘ work. Something interesting about Michelle is that she has opened up her very own clothing company online. The company is called Forever Retired LLC. It opened online and is using all the tools she has learned in school to keep up with her earnings. Michelle does not have any journalistic or writing experience, professionally but she always is responding to emails and posting everyday which to her is something that falls within those lines. Michelle works for herself in a single womanly owned company, while going to school at the same time. Something fun and exciting about Michelle is that she does have a son. His name is Ollie and he is one years old. He is a furry friend that contains a dabble coat and a long nose, people know him as a hotdog. He is very playful and loves to get tummy rubs from anyone that gets near him. He is a new addition to her little family of three and she can’t wait to get another one, that way her furry friend has a friend of their own as well.

Ann Lindsey Williams was born on March 27th, 2000 in Raleigh, North Carolina. Growing up on a farm and having horses, she has always been a lover of nature and animals. She grew up a dancer, training in the pre professional company at CC and Company Dance Complex. Ultimately this led her to where you can find her now, New York City. She packed up her life and moved to The Big Apple at 18 with no family or friends, ready to take on a new challenge. She attended Pace University where she got a degree in Communications studies. She started working at Catch Steak where she met many celebrities and high profile clients. Due to these high profile clients she got to travel the world and this showed her that she loves to travel and experience new cultures. She starts her new job at Break The Floor where she will be traveling all over the country to help manage different dance conventions.

Richard Miensky was born May 23rd, 2000, in Secaucus, New Jersey. A second-generation immigrant, Richard’s parents grew up in Kosice, Slovakia and immigrated to the U.S. just four years before his birth in 1996. At the age of 18, while Richard was starting his first semester at Pace University in NYC, his parents were granted green cards and were finally safe from deportation. Growing up, Richard knew that having illegal immigrant parents was uncommon among the children he played with. He had to learn how to keep a secret and protect his family. Being brought up in New Providence, New Jersey, an affluent suburban town, gave him the necessary motivation to achieve wealth, prosperity, and most importantly security – which his family (although loving and close knit) was lacking. He noticed the large wealth gap between his family in lower middle class and the majority of other families belonging to the upper class in his hometown. He knew that his parents did not immigrate to this country just to have an average life. He made it his life goal to give back to the ones that raised him as well as his two brothers – Rico (25) and Kenny (14). In 2018, Richard moved to New York City where he majored in Advertising & Integrated Marketing Communications. After co-founding several startup companies with friends and ultimately redirecting his entrepreneurial career path, in February of 2021, he became a licensed real estate agent with the brokerage SPiRALNY, located in Midtown. Almost one year and 30 rental deals later, he is looking forward to finishing up his college education and earning his BBA degree in May of 2022. Richard enjoys browsing through Zillow to learn more about the New York real estate market, watching motivational podcasts and interviews on YouTube and TikTok, and spending time with his girlfriend who attends LIM college. It’s safe to say that Richard’s life thus far was unpredictable – but if he can go back in time, he wouldn’t change a thing.