MLDA 18+ Provides Economic Growth

Lowering the minimum drinking age requirement would be a smart move to induce economic growth. More restaurants and bars would be filled because they are accessible to 18, 19, and 20 year olds. At regular restaurants and establishments that sell alcohol such as sports game events and concerts, more alcohol can be purchased and consumed than how it is at the moment. Alcohol is a quick and easy extra add on at these places. With more people entering the consumer market, there is more demand for the product. Therefore, more competition will arise creating more bars, clubs, etc.  Revenue would increase for those who own their own private businesses, and greater amounts of tax revenue would be able to be collected by the government.

In big cities such as New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, there are also alcohol delivery services compared to food delivery services such as Seamless. Face it, the 18-30 age group is lazier than most average people. The 18-20 age group would take advantage of a straight to your door delivery service providing alcohol, as they do with food services. This also would decrease complications that could arise with drinking outside of the home and drunk driving.

People will also be able to be employed at establishments that sell and serve alcohol. This provides more jobs for a variety of people.  A 2015 report by the Brewers Associate touches on this topic, “As of June 30, 2015, 3,739 breweries were operating in the U.S, an increase of 699 breweries over the same time period of the previous year,” the report states. “Additionally, there were 1,755 breweries in planning. Craft brewers currently employ an estimated 115,469 full-time and part-time workers, many of which are manufacturing jobs, contributing significantly to the U.S. economy.”


Trump’s New Health Care?

Trump had made it clear throughout his presidential campaign that he intended to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, which he described as “a disaster.”

“My first day in office, I am going to ask Congress to put a bill on my desk getting rid of this disastrous law and replacing it with reforms that expand choice, freedom, affordability,” Trump said. “You’re going to have such great health care at a tiny fraction of the cost. And it’s going to be so easy.”

The GOP has now created, The American Care Act. OR as Trump calls it, Trump Act.

After his first attempt at a new health care plan failed, the American Care Act was created. The bill passed with a close call of 217 to 213. On May 4, Trump said, “It’s a very good bill right now. “The premiums are going to come down very substantially. The deductibles are going to come down. It’s going to be fantastic health care. Right now, Obamacare is failing. We have a failing health care.”

According to the American people, 39 perfect of people believe that the Act will be worse than Obamacare and just 26 percent believe it will be better. Many fear that their premiums will increase due to pre-existing conditions.

The bill has a long road to get passed. The bill has no support from the Democrats, with not a single vote in favor of the legislation. Who knows if this bill will make it. All we can hope for is that everyone will receive health care, and be affordable for all.

Celebrities & Politics


Last Monday, May 1, 2017, Jimmy Kimmel returned to his show after his newborn son’s heart surgery. He made an emotional plea during his monologue for affordable health care. He hoped that Republicans might reconsider a vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act. According to Time, “The plan has been passed by the House and is facing steep hurdles in the Senate. A few Republicans who supported the GOP bill lashed out at Kimmel for weighing in on the issue, with some conservative new outlets calling him an ‘elitist creep’ and a liar.”

Though Jimmy Kimmel is a public figure, he is also a parent who almost witnessed his newborn son die. Kimmel spoke out for the purpose of making it clear that no child or person should be turned away for their financial standings. It was necessary for Jimmy to put that out there and bring up the topic of pre-existing conditions. The new health care plan, The American Health Care Act, could increase health care cost to an estimated 130 million Americans with pre-existing conditions.

Conservatives are failing to see that once a surgery is performed a person’s health battle is not over. They have to continue to see different doctors, receive medications, and continue to be under medical supervision. But who is going to pay for that?

What we need to know about Universal Health Care?

There is no doubt that a medical expense puts a burden in many people’s wallets. With that being said, insurance is known to do the same for many individuals within America. In 2016, the nation’s health care tab surpassed $10,000 per person for the first time. Universal Healthcare would truly help many who are struggling with health and financial issues. It could also help those who simply cannot afford it.

What is Universal Healthcare? Universal Health Care is a term that is used to address a health care system which provides health care and financial protection to every citizen of a specific country.

Over 30 countries and counting have implemented Universal Healthcare and have made it successful. So why not the United States? As one of the most developed countries, it simply does not make sense. National health expenditures has hit the $3.35 trillion mark. Essentially, we as tax payers are already paying the government for social security, Medicare, etc. Families are losing part of their tax deductions for uninsured medical costs. The ACA raised the deductible level from 7.5 percent of adjusted gross income to 10 percent.

Allowing Universal Healthcare to take place will allow equal access to health care. Each and every person will have the availability to receive the proper care, if needed. Though many believe that this is good, people fear that it will increase the wait time. A “quick trip” will not be so quick when you go to your doctors for a simple check up.




Trump Supporters Rethink Voting Decision

In the past two blog posts that I wrote, I centered my discussion on Trump’s budget proposal that seeks to add more funds in defense and security and on his executive orders that diminish the number of visas given to foreign workers. It’s evident that his mindset is focused on expanding border patrol and preventing illegal immigrants to exist in this country at all costs. In this blog post, I thought it would be interesting to look at Donald Trump supporters and their thoughts on his presidency. It’s upsetting that during his candidacy, voters did not fully comprehended Trump’s proposals and based their vote on the few convenient promises that appealed to them personally. However, past 100 days of Trump’s presidency the entire country has in one way or another been effected by Trump’s administration.

Anderson Cooper reports on a family that voted for Donald Trump and how they now rethink that decision after a strong fallout. Like many others, the Beristain family and their friends voted for Trump because he promised to eliminate the “bad hombres” of this country through deportations. Sure, his followers have taken note of the decrease of people trying to cross the Southern border- which dropped 60% in the first three months of Trump’s administration. But these same supporters never realized that Trump would crackdown illegal immigrants that were good members of society. 21,000 undocumented immigrants were deported, and out of those- more than 5,000 people had no criminal record. In this case, husband and father, Roberto Beristain, had no criminal record but was deported for having a “final order of removal”. 17 years prior, Roberto and his wife, Helen, took a trip to Niagara Falls and made a wrong turn which led them near the Canadian border. There he was detained for not having papers and was required to attend immigration court that ruled that he leave in 60 days, which he never did. Roberto was not a bad person, he was no criminal, but he did break the law. The question posed is: “Why should Roberto (as many in his same situation) get special treatment when other people who’ve been waiting in line are trying to do it the right way?”

Roberto’s friends voted for Trump but now realized that if Trump had clarified that peaceful immigrants that are trying to obtain American citizenship would be deported, they would never have voted for him. They also wish they had paid more attention during the debate. They don’t think immigrants are taking jobs. In the case of Roberto who owns a company, he employs 20+ people. However, others trump supporters don’t necessarily think that just because somebody was nice in the 20 years they lived here means they have a right to live here. All in all, the true colors of the Trump Administration are beginning to show, and only time will tell what the future has in store for undocumented immigrants in this country.

Link: Deported man’s wife and friends rethink voting for Trump

Trump targeting “sanctuary cities” can make New York City less safe

By Daniel Bedoya

Donald Trump has repeatedly mentioned that he will do everything in his power to stop funding to big sanctuary cities if these cities do not cooperate with ICE in efforts to deport illegal immigrants. “All the bad ones” Trump promised to deport in his presidential campaign. Mayor de Blasio mentioned that this could be detrimental to the cities safety. New York City is home to half a million undocumented immigrants and the majority of these people are hard working individuals that strive to bring food to the table. The New York City Police Department claims to have cultivated trust in several immigrant communities around the city and this can only damage the trust they have built throughout the years. Illegal Immigrants are not going to trust the police force as they once did if they start getting attacked and hunted for. NYPD officers claim that in most cases when someone is reporting a crime, they don’t ask about their migratory status. People can’t get the idea that reporting a crime can get them deported, the city of New York obtains more than 7 billion dollars a year in federal funding. 165 million is destined to the anti-terror and Justice departments, Mayor de Blasio claims “the money he will take away will actually be from police departments trying to stop terror and trying to stop crime.” In my last article I discussed the possible threat that this administrations ideals can have on New York City. Like the hate crime that killed Timothy Caughman in Midtown, will New York City become a dangerous and unlivable city? Was that hate crime the early stages of a city that might not care anymore and begin to live a hunger games sequel? When Mayor de Blasio was asked in a radio talk show if the city should withdraw security from Trump Tower he answered, “We’re never going to do that, we’re going to do our job. We’re going to be better than that, I think the Congress understands that the protection of Trump Tower is now a national priority. You have the person of Donald Trump — not only does he and his family deserve protection, all the people who work there, who go into that atrium, but the building is now a national symbol.” That’s Ironic, Mayor de Blasio prefers to protect a building owned by a man that cares less if New York City becomes more dangerous and who also cares less if funding is cut from the NYPD that keeps New Yorker’s safe. His whole rhetoric becomes contradictory. I sure do hope that the safest place in New York City doesn’t become


Trump’s Restriction on H-1B Visas

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 7.03.33 PM

We’ve all seen it. Donald Trump’s continuous rampage talk on punishing illegal immigrants by building a wall and enforcing mass deportations, may culminate in driving tech jobs to other countries rather than the U.S. The terrible policies Trump has considered are reasons enough to urge companies to move South (such as Mexico) and establish their companies in areas that permit foreign workers to work. With the most recent executive order being signed mid-April, the 220-day review will focus on keeping H-1B visa holders from “undercutting American labor at less cost”. For the clarification of all, the US H-1B visa is a “non-immigrant visa that allows U.S companies to employ graduate level workers in specialty occupations that require theoretical or technical expertise in specialized fields such as in IT, finance, accounting, architecture, engineering, medicines, etc.” (Source: US H-1B visa for specialty workers) Federal agencies are going to review the visa program and propose new programs to cohere to the executive order’s proposition. With changes in mind, they can include raising visa application fees or accepting only those foreigners with US master degrees. Compared to 2016, H-1B visas have already declined from 236,000 to 199,999 visas issued this year. For many years, the U.S has attracted top tech talent from around the world including India, China, and Pakistan. However, with new regulations in mind many companies make no sense of continuing to do business in the U.S.

Let’s take a look at a top I.T Service company in India, Tech Mahindra. This company drives economic growth by delivering tangible business value and experiences to their stakeholders. According to the Financial times, this company is planning on doubling their operations in Mexico if the U.S makes it more difficult for Indians to get their H-1B visas. Latin American countries are wasting no time in letting companies know that they are welcome to doing business with them if Trump continues to make it too hard for them to do business. For a company’s standpoint, this alternative plan is cheaper and more inviting than the U.S. Many companies are following the footsteps of Tech Mahindra in taking their business elsewhere. As a result, big industry names like Google are upset about the restrictions Trump is making. Placing a limit on H-1B visas can impose on their acquisition of top talent in the world.  American tech companies want to keep their brightest instead of having them work for their competitors. Trump, a business man himself, has employed foreign workers for his own convenience. His hypocrisy in politics is ultimately pathetic and shady. If he continues to implement executive orders such as these, it will only trigger frustration and lose business for the United States. Is this part of his plan on making America great again?