Post AI Deliberation

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Before going into the deliberation, I was on the side that we need to stop developing AI entirely. Just hearing that it can replace so many jobs scared me because a lot of what I want to do could probably be replaced by it. Myself aside, many people would be put out of a job, people far less off than I am. I have the privilege to go to school now and get an education, so realistically if I was put out of a job by AI, I could go back to school and learn how to work with AI and get a new type of job. There’s a huge group of people who that just isn’t possible for, and that’s what is scary. Those that can afford education or to not work entirely have a far better chance of making it in a world run by AI than someone who isn’t educated, nor can’t not work. 

Throughout the deliberation my mind started to change. There are cool aspects of AI that really can benefit us, and I think instead of being scared of being “replaced”, we need to focus more on how we can adapt WITH this technology, and TO it. There’s also so much unknown with this technology. We brought up a lot of hypotheticals like what type of information it could be giving out is right, how we can use AI for good and bad, but ultimately we won’t know if we’re better with AI or better off without it until it’s further developed. 

In a perfect world, it was discussed that we should stop developing AI technology right now and let it be. Of course with no real laws about the development of AI, there’s nothing we can do. At the end of this deliberation I definitely do agree with the petition to stop for a few months so we can get our bearings with this, but in terms of stopping it altogether, that won’t happen. I don’t want to be scared of AI and what it can do to myself and others, but it’s definitely something that needs to be talked about more in our current world. If it’s hard for us to censor social media apps, AI technology that’s made by people no one has ever heard of will be extremely hard to censor.



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